Merry Christmas Live show

Thu Phuong, Ho Trung Dung, My Ngoc – 3 golden voices in the music industry will bring an unforgettable performance at the live show named “Merry Christmas”, held at Corona Phu Quoc Theater on December 12.

For music fan, the name Thu Phuong is certainly familiar. The singer of Hai Phong is the owner of many immortal songs such as “Back from the beginning”, “Winter nostalgia”, and “The afternoon sea” and is known as the best live female singer. With a passionate voice, Thu Phuong is always welcomed by the public when being present in music nights in Vietnam. With her charming appearance, Thu Phuong attracts the attention of the audience every time she appears.

Having settled abroad, however, the singer “Are you the autumn of Hanoi” often returns to Vietnam for touring as well as meeting her fans.

And this Christmas, Thu Phuong will meet Phu Quoc audience again. Specifically, at 8 p.m. on December 24, the music show named “Merry Christmas” will be held at Corona Theater with the participation of Thu Phuong, Ho Trung Dung, My Ngoc and MK band, The Sea dance crew. In particular, the presence of male singer Ho Trung Dung and female singer My Ngoc combined with Thu Phuong’s emotional voice will bring an unforgettable music night to the audience in Phu Quoc.

Ho Trung Dung will be present


Together with female singer My Ngoc to bring the most spectacular show at the end of the year.

Thu Phuong, Ho Trung Dung and My Ngoc are the three “golden” names of Vietnamese music. Therefore, the presence of all 3 on stage will make the audience extremely excited and enthusiastic. To bring a perfect music night at Christmas, music director Minh Khang made the finest list and stage layout and music program script.

Music director Minh Khang has extremely good preparation.

Ticket distribution diagram for the Liveshow “Merry Christmas” taking place at 8 pm on December 24 at Corona Theater Phu Quoc. To contact to book tickets, as well as receive the latest information about high-class entertainment programs and attractive offers, please call hotline: 02972228888

Theater space is designed by one of the world’s leading architectural designer with a capacity of more than 600 seats with high-standard and modern sound and lighting systems, meeting the needs of enjoying the music, which is honored and elaborately offered to bring great interaction between the audience and the singers.