Slots is a slot machine game, one of the most popular and popular in casinos. Each slot machine usually consists of 3 to 5 horizontal rows and 3 to 5 vertical rows with many different symbols, depending on the theme of the game.

How to play

  • Place a bet, spin the reel and get a bonus if you hit the correct winning combinations. However, each variation will have some different rules.
  • To play video slots, you place the coins in the machine corresponding to the number of payment lines that you want to activate. The usual bet amount corresponds to 1 cent as 1 pay line, so you should place low bets and multiple payout lines to have more chances to win. After placing a coin successfully, you select the button “Spin”. When the spins stop, the machine will automatically highlight winning combinations and if you are lucky, you will receive a corresponding bonus.

Payoff table

  • When a customer opens a payment sheet, usually there are about 3 to 4 pages describing the pay line and a map of the paylines. The first two pages of this payout will usually show the number of symbols corresponding to each score level. Thereby, customers will be able to grasp details of the payment rules for the automatic game machines they want to play.
  • The third page will show the customer the Scatter logo and alternate symbol (Wild), and specific instructions to the game’s rules on how to enable (win) special features. The Scatter symbol is often seen as the key symbol of automatic game machines and customers have high expectations of it to be able to play lucky spins. This symbol does not have to be on the line where the wager is, sometimes as long as it appears randomly in any position, hence it is called “Scatter” (English means “scattered all over”).
  • Usually at least 3 scatter symbols appear, the game machine automatically activates the corresponding special feature of the game. Once the customer has won (won) the bonus feature, maybe the customer will have more options to increase his win points or the game will reward the customer with a few free spins without losing any extra bets.
  • Here’s how customers can increase their chances of winning. When the customer chooses the more rows to play, the customer has a great chance of winning. The number of rows will vary on automatic game machines, this number can range from 1 to thousands of rows.
  • Additional features of automatic game machines (Bonus)
  • Automated game machines often have multiple winnings multipliers. To do this, the customer must obtain a qualifying Bonus or Scatter symbol for the game (which will be found in the payout table). The number of bonus symbols required will vary for each game.