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I. For Vietnamese

  1. Those who are 21 years old and above and have full civil act capacity in accordance with the law of Vietnam
  2. Produce your ID card or passport to register as a member (For new members)
  3. To access the Casino, visitors will have to purchase tickets:

Daily ticket (effective within 24 consecutive hours): VND 1,000,000/ 24 consecutive hours/ person

Monthly ticket (only effective in the current month): VND 25,000,000

  1. Records proving the regular income of VND 10,000,000 or more per month or income being subject to tier 3 tax or higher according to regulations of law on personal income tax (All records must be originals or notarized copies and still in effect)

+ Monthly income confirmation, monthly salary sheet or salary payment decision of the employer in the latest 3 months by the date of entering casino, which shows the monthly income from at least 10 million dong;

+ Valid house lease or property lease contract according to the provisions of law, which shows the total monthly rental amount of at least 10 million dong;

+ Bank savings books, bank deposit statements with term from 01 year or more and with monthly interest of at least 10 million dong.

+ The personal income tax return, which has been finalized by the tax agency or the tax agency’s confirmation of the fulfilment of tax obligations, proving that the player has a taxable income of level 3 or higher according to the provisions of the Law on Income Tax. individuals within 01 year prior to entering;

The front desk will keep 1 certified copy.

II. For foreigners:

  1. Age of 18 or above with full civil act capacity according to provisions of Vietnamese law
  2. Produce your passport to register as a member (For new members)
  3. You do not have to buy the entry tickets.
  4. Clothing:
  • The casino prefers formal clothing of visitors.
  • Don not wear tank tops, swimsuits, or pajamas
  • Do not wear clothes with offensive words or patterns.
  • Do not go barefoot in the Casino.

Full and specific conditions are regulated in the Government’s Decree No. 03/2017/ND-CP dated January 16. 2017 on Casino business.