Promo Period:

  • 01/07/2023 – 01/09/2023

Draw Sessions:

  • 1st Session: Saturday 29 Jul 2023, 18 prizes total cost 870,000,000 VND 
  • 2nd Session: Friday 01 Sep 2023, 29 prizes total cost 2,030,000,000 VND

Criteria for redeem entry ticket:

  • 290 points earned = 1 entry ticket
  • Max 29 entries per member per day during each promotion period based on points earned
  • Point earned in 1 day are calculated from 06:00 am each day to 05:59 am the next day
  • All entries that did not win in first draw shall be destroyed and will not snowball to 2nd session


Each Session have the following:

 Lucky DrawMoney Shower
Session 1 (29/7)810
Session 2 (1/9)1514
  1. The promotion session starts with lucky draws to choose the participants of Money Shower Game Session
  2. Money Shower Sessions: 10 players will be drawn for the first session and 14 players will be drawn for the second session
  3. Lucky Draw Sessions: 8 players will be drawn for the first session and 15 players will be drawn for the second session
  4. Money Shower: Each player to enter wind chamber to grab $ within 30 secs
  5. Player with highest amount grabbed will win Top Prize – and so on in turn from high to low
  6. Corona Marketing to clearly demonstrate what are the Can and Cannot when in Wind Chamber
  7. Corona Marketing compile the amount grabbed – Highest to lowest
  8. Announce winners and issue winning letters for Winners to redeem from Cage

For any question, please contact our hotline +84 297 222 8888 or email for more details

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