Tùng Dương – Văn Mai Hương bùng nổ trong đêm nhạc tại Phú Quốc

At 20:00 on April 30, the male singer Tung Duong will perform with Vietnam Idol Runner-up Van Mai Huong in a Live show called “The man who sings” at Phu Quoc Corona Theater. This is the first time these two top Vietnamese singers have a chance of performing together for the public holidays (Reunification-day (30/4) and International Labor-day, (1/5)).

Tung Duong is nicknamed “The king of contemporary folk music” by his fans. This nickname is given because he is not only a veteran artist who continuously discovers and experiences new music genres but also has performed many songs influenced by Pop, jazz, contemporary folk, New Age, electronic, world music, etc. and even revolutionary music, pre-war music, love songs from 1954 to 1975.

Meanwhile, the young female singer Van Mai Huong has achieved some solid success and compelled universal admiration from fans. Making a breakthrough as the runner-up of Vietnam Idol 2010, Van Mai Huong now proves her ability and gains so much experience in handling songs and stage performance skills. Concerts with her presentation, regardless of how big they are, all are highly acclaimed by fans.

It is reported that both Tung Duong and Van Mai Huong are very excited about this performance on the stage of Phu Quoc Island. They have delivered fantastic solo performances in many different live shows, but this is the first time they perform together in a show, which promises to be something special and worth looking forward to.

The show, held in a luxurious and classy space with the capacity of over 600 seats like Corona Theater, will be a great place for emotional experience, enjoyment of top-notch music. Sound and lighting system that meets international standards of Corona Theater will surely make a lasting impression in the hearts of music-loving audience.


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