Tuan Hung and “Incomplete rainbow” live show – A complete night of emotions

Tuan Hung, the singers of the hit songs “Find the sky, Incomplete rainbow, Love memory…”, promises to give the audience of Corona Phu Quoc theater a live show full of feelings and emotions named “Incomplete rainbow” on August 1st.

Tuan Hung has become a familiar name to Vietnamese music lovers. Having a manly deep voice and professional processing techniques, he always captures listeners’ hearts with the most subtle and deepest emotions.

On August 1, the audience will have opportunity to reunite with this male singer in the live show named “Incomplete rainbow”, held at Corona theater of the 5-star Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc resort & entertainment complex. Guest singer Hanh Sino, Watercolor band, The Sea dance group, MC/Miss Kieu Ngan and Art Director Minh Khang will contribute to the event.

Besides the deep love songs with high notes and wide range performed by vocalist Tuan Hung, female singer Hanh Sino will bring a new and exciting performance of exciting dance, house and electro music.

Hanh Sino has affirmed her position on stage and captured the hearts of Vietnamese music lovers by her excellent voice and attractive appearance.

As the student fully supported by Tuan Hung on the path of career development, Hanh Sino’s music is considered to be youthful and suitable for listeners’ tastes. During this reunion, the couple of teacher and student promise to bring many interesting surprises to the audience on the first night of August at the beautiful Pearl Island.

Once crowned Miss Vietnam Global in the US, Kieu Ngan also won the first prize of the Golden Swallow Contest 2017, participated in movies and currently is a familiar MC of a number of television programs. With a gentle deep voice, she will lead the audience through each type of emotion in the most natural way..

Experiencing the sublimation of emotions with the top-notch music supported by an international standard sound and lighting system in the luxurious and classy space of Corona Theater will certainly give music lovers an unforgettable impression

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