“Blackjack” live show: A gloriously successful tribute show

The tribute music festival for customers of Corona Casino was a glorious success.

In the thrilling atmosphere for new year celebration, old year goodbye, the indispensable year-end music party, the biggest live show in Phu Quoc named “Blackjack” officially came to an end with a series of “unprecedented” surprising experiences from the place of organization, concept, technologies to high-quality performances.

Organized at Radisson Blu Hotel, the show took place with fiery melodies thanks to the modern sound and light system and monumental stage, which brought an unforgettable evening for all attendees.
Thu Minh and ST Son Thach are 2 of the top artists who take part in the show. The line-up consists of guaranteed names for big live shows who performed their eventful hits and stole the show. Furthermore, DJ Linh Linh, rapper Leo’T, The Sea dance company contributed to the class music festival with their fierce remix versions.
As the big name in the Vietnamese music industry, Thu Minh is recognized by the audience as a multitalented artist. She has a skilled voice, a gifted performance skill, and a balanced and glossy body, which makes her always look outstanding every time she shows up.

She is a multifunctional, independent and bravery artist who always changes herself to adapt new materials for her music and life.

Thu Minh sparked the whole audience with her biggest hits


ST Son Thach was not less competitive with his career-defining songs

As a tribute show for customers who have trusted in and stuck to Corona Casino, “Blackjack” is a thank you that Corona gives to its valued customers. After 1 year of development, Corona Casino has been a leisure center for many domestic and foreign tourists. 

The show was a glorious success with the participation of top stars

Owning the first Casino of Vietnam that attracts numerous foreign tourists, Corona Casino, under Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino Complex in Bai Dai, Phu Quoc has the attention paid by foreign tourists.

Casino Phu Quoc is placed on the floor area of about 18,000 m2 with 1,000 slot machines and 100 casino tables. Inside the Casino, different zones are arranged to satisfy the demand for games and the financial capability of each player. Moreover, there is a convention center, an international seminar, and a 5-star hotel with 3,000 rooms
Hundreds of casino tables along with professional staff in the Casino

Phu Quoc Casino is a complex consisting of 2 hotels: Vinoasis and Radisson Blu, a convention center, villas, and a series of comforts such as spa, gym, restaurants, Bars & Lounge. Casino Corona expects to attract a significant portion of cash flows that the Vietnamese are bringing overseas annually to play Casino.