• From 11/02/2024 to 13/02/2024 (On 2nd/3rd/4th Tet-Lunar New Year)
  • Venue: Pit 02 – Mass Gaming Floor


  • At 9:30am 11/02/2024 (on the 2nd day Lunar New Year) Lion dance performance
  • 10am and 3pm on February 11, 12 and 13, 2024 (for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th days of Tet): God of Fortune giving Lucky packet with 1 lucky woucher worth 1 million VND.
  • Each time fram will distribute 30 lucky packets to members present at the casino at that time, on a first-come first-served basis
  • During 3 days 11, 12, 13/02/2024, members who visit Corona can come to Marketing VIP Counter to receive Corona Hongbao packets for members Silver card tier and above. Details are as follows:
    • Silver: 5.000.000VND
    • Gold: 10.000.000VND
    • Platinum: 20.000.000VND
    • Pearl: 50.000.000VND

*Note: Lucky or Hongbao vouchers in red packets will be only exchanged for promotional chips or Promotion tickets and are not redeemable for cash or cash chips


  • A member guest is only eligible to receive and redeem 1 lucky packet throughout the event. In case, a member receives more than 1 lucky packet (ramdomly distributed by the God of Fortune during the specified time frames over the 3 Tet days), the member may choose to gift the lucky packets to their accompanying friends at for redemption as promotion chips or promotion tickets for betting.
  • All lucky vouchers only are redeemed within 3 days of Tet and by 00:00am of Feb 13.2024
  • A members is only eligible to receive and redeem 1 Hongbao voucher throughout the event. 160 red packets will be given to members on the priority list based on the rule that members must be present and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Priority list approved by top management is provied by Marketing Department.
  • A valid Lucky/Corona Hongbao promotion vouchers must include Corona Marketing’s stamp, expiration date. For Corona Hongbao promotion vouchers, member will be added by marketing staff after members receive the Corona Hongbao.
  • Hongbao vouchers will be redeemed for promotion chips or promotion tickets, not redeemable for cash or cash chips, non-transferable and applicable for betting on all games in the mass gaming area.
  • Promotion chips can be wagered multiple times until they are all lost
  • Promotion tickets are valid for 30 days after issuance
  • Corona Management reserves the right to amend/cancel any terms and conditions of the event without prior notice. In case of dispute, decision of Corona management be final

For any question, please contact our hotline +84 297 222 8888 or email for more details

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