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Wrong thoughts about the casino entertainment in Vietnam


Many people still fail to fully understand the “nature” of gambling at casinos in Vietnam. This article will help you to know more about casino.

Casino is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. “Casino capitals” such as Las Vegas and Macau bring great revenue and reputation.

However, in Vietnam, many people still think wrongly about casino. This article will give you a “correct view” about this type of entertainment.

It is illegal to play at the Casino?

Many people often think that playing at casinos is illegal and it’s like participating in other gambling games. In fact, at licensed casinos, playing is absolutely legal. Take a look at the “gambling capital” like Las Vegas, you will see that it is completely normal for visitors to play at casino.

According to the gambling crime regulations in the Penal Code, the criminal offenses are gambling in any form and gain – lose in money or in kind. Gambling forms are very diverse, with different levels such as: Chinese card game, Vietnamese sic bo, card, black lottery, betting, football, cockfighting, horse racing, etc. However, it is not every act of gambling and gain – lose money or in kind is a gambling crime.

It should be noted that gambling must be illegal. Clause 1, Article 2 of Resolution 01/2010 / NQ-HDTP guiding the application of a number of provisions in Article 248 and Article 249 of the Penal Code, explains “illegal gambling is gambling done under the any form for the purpose of gaining – losing in cash or in kind without the permission of the competent authority, or with the permission of the competent authority but in contravention of the provisions of the license granted”.


Regarding to casino and casino operations in Vietnam, all eligible establishments will be granted with business certificates by the Ministry of Finance. This certificate is a form of permission from the state. Thus, casino business establishments in Vietnam that have business certificates and players meeting the conditions prescribed by law, according to Clause 1 Article 2 of Resolution 01/2010 / NQ-HDTP are not illegal.

Are Vietnamese allowed to play at casinos in Vietnam?

Casino in Vietnam is the term used to refer to the business of gambling services. A casino is often located near or in conjunction with complexes of hotels, restaurants, shopping, cruise ships and other resort areas.

The Prime Minister has signed a decision approving the policy of casino business in Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang), and at the same time there a pilot program allowing Vietnamese to play at this casino for a period of 3 years.


“Put Vietnamese players under control at casinos in Phu Quoc (Corona Casino) is not difficult. It should not be too concerned that allowing domestic people to play casino will affect social security and order as location of the casino is a tourist area, far from the center”. – According to professor HA TON VINH. Moreover, only those who meet conditions may come and play, so excessive playing cannot happen.

In fact, when we do not allow Vietnamese people to play casino in the country, those interested in playing still go to Cambodia, Macau casinos, etc. Therefore, it is reasonable to pilot allowing Vietnamese people in casino as the need of the people in the country are real.

Legalizing gambling is necessary as the government have banned gambling, however, it is difficult to ban it completely. Gamblers can be found everywhere, urban and rural, in the country or in Cambodia. As information technology advances, gamblers now can play online with various gameplay. Therefore, the legalization of gambling in limited areas will make the state management more convenient.


“When there is a legal gambling establishment, protected by the law according to strict regulations, it is possible to believe that the situation of security, order and social safety will also be well guaranteed”, said Mr. Le Ky (psychologist from Vietnam Association of Social Psychology).

Hence, by its nature, playing at Casino (casino in Vietnam) is not illegal.

We hope that this article helps you know more about casino!