Why coming to Jeju when there is Phu Quoc – the most beautiful “Pearl Island” in Southeast Asia

With wonderful and enchanting landscape, Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) excellently competes with famous destinations like Bali of Indonesia or Boracay of the Philippines in the top of the Asia’s most beautiful resort islands.

What does Phu Quoc offer?

Coming to Phu Quoc, visitors will have the opportunity to fully explore the amazing marine ecosystem, enjoy unique seafood dishes rich in nutrients, experience diverse activities and enjoy five-star services.

The stunning blue water will fascinate any visitor.

To get to Phu Quoc, the most popular mean of transport is by air. However, if you start from provinces closer to the island, such as Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose other means such as a high speed boat or ferry, after moving from Ho Chi Minh City to Rach Gia, Ha Tien.
Phu Quoc is divided into 4 areas including the Central area (Duong Dong town), the South, the North and the East. In spite of medium area, “the Pearl Island” owns the richest ecosystem in the country which offers great experiences and beautiful landscapes to visitors.

The beaches should be the first to mention. They bring fame to Phu Quoc. Kien Giang’s treasures are a large number of clean and spectacular beaches such as Truong beach, Dai beach, Sao beach, etc.
Along with the beaches, diving is offered to see coral, with Hon Thom being the top-rated destination. Hon Thom’s coral reefs are famous for their wild, colorful and vibrant features, and this is also a large pearl and aquaculture ground in the island district of Phu Quoc.

du lịch phú quốc có gì
The sunset and dawn of Phu Quoc are also enchanting. The ideal location to watch the sunset is Dinh Cau Cape, and if you want to see the sunrise, don’t hesitate to come to Ham Ninh fishing village.

Various activities such as squid fishing at night, exploring craft villages and specialty establishments such as rose myrtle wine, fish sauce, etc. also attract visitors who want to learn deeply about the island’s residents. And are you wondering whether Phu Quoc is suitable for “backpacking” travel?
The answer is yes – with a car ride through the national forest on the island territory, you can immerse yourself in the majestic untouched natural scenery. With the destination being the Chua mount up to 565 meter high, you can view the clouds, the blue water of this tourist paradise.

Where is the splendid destinations in Phu Quoc?

Enjoy a relaxing experience at the Corona Resort & Casino luxury resort & entertainment complex.

Phu Quoc also attracts visitors by its 5-star high-end resorts, which are becoming a trend in recent years. Among them, Corona Resort & Casino has a complex of Restaurants, Spa and the most unique feature is its Casino which is the first one in Vietnam.
The hotel rooms are divided into two separate areas: Vin Oasis and Radisson Blu, with green as the main color, in harmony with nature. If Vin Oasis is attractive in its lush greenery and fresh air with modern design, Radisson Blu has turquoise water ready to serve you anytime.

Vin Oasis is divided into 2 types of rooms named Garden View and Sky View with modern, open and airy design, in harmony with the natural landscape, while Radisson Blu consists of 3 types of rooms including Deluxe, Suite and Villa with a splendid view and modern furniture
And Radisson Blu is with 3 room types named Deluxe, Suite and Villa, owning classy view and well-facilitated furniture

Corona Resort & Casino has a restaurant system offering various cuisine, where you can easily have the richest and most diverse culinary experiences.

Azuma presents Japanese cuisine, Bamboo offers Chinese cuisine, and Avenue provides classy buffet parties.

Seafood, which is an indispensable part of Phu Quoc island district, will also be perfectly offered by the top chefs, fully conveying the most delicate flavors to visitors.

If you are a fan of music and performance, Corona Theater is a great destination for you. With most modern sound and lighting system in Southeast Asia, it is the place where the concerts of A-list stars regularly take place, as well as exclusive visual art shows.

The most notable thing is the appearance of the first Casino in Vietnam. Corona Resort & Casino the most distinctive entertainment complex today, one of the top class resort in the region. With luxurious space, professional service team, especially an impressive number of tables including 400 roulette tables, 300 tables for blackjack and up to 2000 slots machines, Corona Casino will bring a new experience and full of inspiration to visitors.

Coming to Corona Casino – “Las Vegas of Vietnam”, every night of entertainment will be filled with endless fun and joy.

The ideal time to travel to Phu Quoc is from November to April of the following year, when there is less chance of rain and there is sunny and calm sea. However, with the advantage of beautiful weather all year round, “the Pearl Island” is always ready to welcome you with its peaceful pristine beauty, suitable for travelers wishing to relax or travel with their family.