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What is the attraction in Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino this summer?

Phu Quoc is originally the attractive destination for both domestic and international tourists, and Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino is a shining star on the tourist map of the Pearl Island thanks to its 5-star level resort and entertainment system. This summer, which special events does Corona organize that you should not miss? Let’s discover right now!

Many people usually hesitate to travel to Phu Quoc from May to October because Pearl Island is on a rainy reason in that period. However, rains are also very light as they happen all of a sudden, which does not annoy tourists. Therefore, in recent years, Phu Quoc attracts numerous tourists all year long.

Moreover, Pearl Island also develops many forms of entertainment regardless of the daytime or at night, as they are operated in all 4 seasons of the year so that tourists can have multitudinous choices. Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino is such a typical example. This summer, you definitely should not miss the following attractive events:

1 – Sweepstakes program “The return to glory”

Taking place at Phu Quoc Corona Casino from July 02 to August 02, 2020, the sweepstakes program “The return to glory” aims to mark the glorious return of Phu Quoc Corona Casino after Vietnam beat the Covid-19, as well as to establish an eventful playground for tourists at Corona Casino. The program is attractive for its unlimited tickets to join sweepstakes in each course, and each player is entitled to receive many awards in the sweepstakes period.

With the total prize of nearly 1 billion dong, the awards of the program include:

1 Special prize: Ford Ranger

1 First Prize: Iphone 11 Pro Max 256G

1 Second Prize: Ipad Pro 128G

2 Third Prizes: Voucher 20 million Slot/Table Game

Along with a lot of Voucher awards valuing from 10 to 15 million to play Slot/Table Game.

2 – Free Entrance Ticket program for Corona Casino

To bring to numerous domestic tourists opportunities for experience of international standard-conforming attractive and pinnacle games from July 15, 2020, to October 14, 2020, at Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino, the Free Entrance Ticket Program for Corona Casino will come into effect for tourists with the value of 1,000,000 dong.

As long as you are Vietnamese, over 21 years old and meet requirements of current law for permission to play casino, you can join for preference. Moreover, if you do not demand to try and just want sightseeing, you just need to register at the reception of the hotel to enjoy sightseeing tours organized from 14:00 to 17:00 every day.

3 – Liveshow Tuan Hung “Cau Vong Khuyet”

At 20:00 of August 01, 2020, the owner of Great hits such as “Tim Lai Bau Troi, cau vong khuyet, di vang cuoc tinh, etc.”, the singer Tuan Hung promises to bring to the audience at Phu Quoc Corona Theater the sublimated emotions in his Liveshow “Cau vong khuyet”.

The event also welcomes the guest singer named Hanh Sino, Mau Nuoc Band, The sea company, under the leadership of MC/Beauty Queen Kieu Ngan and art direction of Director Minh Khang. The show will surely bring the sublimation in emotions along with peak music performance assisted by the international standard-conforming sound and light system in a luxurious, classy space of the Corona Theater.

Aside from 03 above monumental events, Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino also brings a lot of attractive preferences in the 5-star resort System of Radisson Blu and VinOasis. Why do you still hesitate? Let’s promptly travel to “Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino, where the joy is endless”!