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What is Blackjack? Synthesizing effective ways to play blackjack


Blackjack cannot be overlooked when we refer to trendy casino games. So what is blackjack that has received the fondness of so many players, and is there any way that makes it easy for players to win in this game? The following article will give you the answer.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack, also known as Twenty One, is one of the most popular games at casinos all over the world, as well as at Corona Casino Phu Quoc – the first Vietnamese casino to allow Vietnamese to play in Vietnamese territory. In some places, blackjack is also known as Vingt-et-un, however the gameplay remains the same.

Blackjack – the top attractive game at Corona Casino Phu Quoc

Blackjack uses a 52-card-deck, with a fairly simple rule: Players do not compete directly with each other, but compete with the Dealer to achieve the highest score of 21 points. At the same time, the Player also needs to control not to exceed this number of 21 to avoid losing and being eliminated from the round. A hand where the first 2 cards contain 1 an Ace and a 10 card is a Blackjack hand, but if there are 2 above cards after splitting, it will only count as 21 points.

Because of its simple playing rules and high stimulation, a balance between luck and a flexible computational mind, blackjack is popular with the guests who are familiar with the games at the “gambling cathedral”, as well as those guests to the first time visiting and experiencing this relatively new form of entertainment in Vietnam.

At Corona Casino Phu Quoc, players can directly experience blackjack with detailed rules and the payoff table specified here. Also, the guests visiting and experiencing should also pay attention to some mandatory regulations when entering the casino.

Not too strict rules along with abundant game system are the great advantages that bring both domestic and foreign tourists to Corona Casino Phu Quoc

How to play Blackjack for high winning odds

Blackjack is similar to many other casino games, characterized by a relatively large dependence on luck. However, that does not mean that Blackjack does not have certain tips and strategies to increase the player’s odds of winning.

Rule 1: Two 10 cards should not be split

Two 10 cards should not be split when the first two cards total 20 because with a 21-point goal, the Dealer has very little chance of beating the Player. This is also the most widely used Blackjack trick.

Rule 2: Two 8 cards should be split

When we meet two 8 cards, they must be split. When playing Blackjack, the 8 card is always rated as the worst card by the player. When there are two 8 cards, the Player gets 16 points. If split, the Player will have a higher chance of getting a winning card. This is because at this point, the Player will be more likely to own one winning and one losing card, the two cards will make up for each other and the Player will end the game without losing money (in case that the Player bet equal amounts of money on both cards).

Rule 3: If you own two 5 cards, only one additional card should be requested

If you own two 5 cards while playing Blackjack, it means the Player has a total of 10. At this time, the best way is to request only one more card and bet it to double.

Knowing the rules of the game and useful tips helps the Player easily master the game and get the desired results

Rule 4: Know how to stop at the right time

Not only Blackjack, but most casino games need this rule: stopping at the right time when you feel you are in a safe zone and avoiding the mindset of trying to retrieve which can easily lead to a bigger loss situation. Regarding Blackjack, the Player should stop on any hand when cards have a total score of 17 or higher. If the Player’s hand has a total of 12 to 16, and the Dealer’s one has a total of 2 to 6 then they had better stop, but if the Dealer has 7 or higher, they should draw.

Rule 5: Situations should draw soft hands

If the Player has a soft hand of 18 and the Dealer has an 8, 9 or 10 card, draw the soft hand. In order to limit the amount of profit the Dealer can enjoy, it is optimal for the Player to double bets in this case. In addition, when playing Blackjack, the Player should always draw cards to have soft 17 or less.

Also note about the soft hand – hard hand rules in Blackjack for correct judgment:

  • A soft hand in Blackjack consisting of an ace counted as 11 points. For example, A-7 is a soft 18.
  • Hard hand refers to any hand combination containing no Ace or containing an Ace but counted as only 1 point. For example, 10-8 and 7-A-10 are both hard 18.

Rule 6: Control Smart Money

One of the most important rules is that the Player must always take care to place bets in accordance with their funds. To be able to win the most, the Player should calculate to be able to bet at least 40 rounds with their own money before starting the game.


In addition, there exist some more specific rules for hand drawing or stopping in Blackjack, such as:

  • 5–8 … always hit
  • 9 … hit if the dealer has a 2 or 7-A
  • 10 … hit if dealer has a 10 or A
  • 11 … hit if dealer has A
  • 12 … stand if the dealer has a 4,5, or 6; hit if the dealer has a 2,3 or 7-A
  • 13–16 … stand if the dealer has 2-6; hit if there is 7-A
  • 17–21 … always stand

Opening 24/7 and possessing a professional, friendly staff, willing to answer any questions will make your experience at Phu Quoc Casino become complete and memorable.