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What is attractive at Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino in the rainy season?

The best time to travel to Phu Quoc comes from November to April of the following year. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid rain when coming to Pearl Island in July as it rains from June to the end of October. Sometimes, it is the sun shower raining all of a sudden. Nevertheless, many tourists still choose Phu Quoc as the destination for their summer vacation. So, what makes everyone not hesitate to “travel despite the rainy season”?

First of all, the main targets for rainy season holidays are usually couples or families, especially the ones with small children. They come here for leisure travel and also spend their whole time together.

Therefore, the trend is to choose resorts with many utilities and attractive activities. The outstanding example is Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino, located in the north of the island, well-known for being a symbol of luxury and delicacy on Pearl Island.

When traveling to Phu Quoc this season, if you are lucky, you can experience the brilliance of sunrise after raining when the sky is clear, mixed between dark blue, some pink, and bright orange. You should enjoy a cocktail and watch the beautiful landscape with your beloved with the mixed feeling of being overwhelmed before the beautiful nature, the peace, romanticism, and lightness.

Staying at Corona Resort, in addition to relaxation on cream-like white dunes and blue water at Dai Beach, tourists can also enjoy a memorable dinner at one of the 5-star restaurants recreating the perfection of the most attractive cuisines in the world such as cuisines of China, Thailand, South Korea, Italy, France, etc. in a classy and warm space. This will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of tourists.

On days of July, it usually rains in the early morning on the island. Therefore, tourists can slowly enjoy their buffet breakfasts at Avenue restaurant, with various selections, which can meet the demand for eating and drinking from the most fastidious customers.

When the sun begins to rise, this is the time for everyone to take part in outdoor activities or relax in isolated swimming pools. If in daily life, family members are usually busy with their jobs, studies, and social relationships, such time to reunite with each other is surely a valuable gift for the family.

One of the amazing activities that you cannot miss at Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino is to ride bikes together around the resort. Let’s imagine how you feel when riding on small streets, under straight lines of coconut trees, listening to the very mild sea breeze, and breathing in the salty smell of the sea. All of the above factors are sufficient to feel cheerful and refresh yourself.

Raining is the ideal time for indoor activities to shine. It is even more attractive and truer to Corona Casino, the first casino for Vietnamese people to play in the territory. Coming here, tourists are surely overwhelmed by luxurious interiors on the floor of 18,000 m2 of width, including 100 Casino tables and 100 slot machines. The newfangled 8-game system, along with many secondary programs, brings many attractive benefits to players.

Honestly, rainy days sometimes help people to stay closer together. And it is sure that at any time, if adventure lovers who are passionate about nature desire to seek an ideal destination to refresh their mind and look after their happiness, the Pearl Island will always be the top choice.