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What do you play and eat during travelling in Phu Quoc? Summary of Phu Quoc tourism experiences


Known as a resort paradise, but did you know that Phu Quoc is actually suitable for sports activities? Experiencing simple sports to dispel fatigue amidst the beautiful natural scenery will be an interesting new place for people who love difference when coming to Paradise Pearl Island. What do you play in Phu Quoc tourism?

1. Walking in Phu Quoc National Forest

As an island district, but Phu Quoc has up to 70% of the area covered by the national forest, stretching through three large mountain ranges: Ham Ninh, Ham Rong and Ganh Dau. The forest of “Paradise Pearl Island” is unique because of the inclusion of 60km of beautiful coastline, forming a rich ecosystem different from the forests located entirely in the mainland.

Therefore, if you love exploring the majestic, wild natural landscapes, walking in this forest will be an interesting activity you should try during your stay in Phu Quoc.

Hiking is the world’s most popular form of recreational sport, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the beauty of nature while exercising effectively.

Belonging to the communes of Bai Thom, Cua Duong and Ham Ninh, forest roads are planned quite clearly, not too bumpy or dangerous or requiring difficult techniques. All you need is a pair of great shoes and light luggage with necessaries. The road to conquer this forest is 90km long with 12 bridges to pass.

Although the journey is divided into many sections and some quite muddy areas make it difficult to move, the clear streams, cool air and massive vegetation will pay off your efforts.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is a somewhat adventurous sport that is familiar in the world and has been well received by Vietnamese tourists since they first entered Phu Quoc. This is a popular service that can easily be found in any high-end resort, divided into two types: single kayak or double kayak, with a set of just one paddle and a life jacket.

Enjoying the vast water scenery in the sloping waves is a very romantic and peaceful experience

Kayaking is attractive in that it is easy to learn and master, only takes a few minutes to get used to and can experience on many terrains. Depending on the density of the obstacles in the waters, kayaking requires different techniques

Kayaking not only brings new moments of relaxation and entertainment, but also a sport that requires high coordination (in the case of double rowing) and has great health-training effects when you need use all muscles to help the boat move smoothly.

3. Experience the thrills with Flyboard (Standing water)

Flyboard is an extremely new sport, currently it is only available in Phu Quoc and Nha Trang. This extreme sport requires you to be in good health and a steady mind because the balance and control of flying shoes requires relatively technical, but once you get used to it, the feeling of Flyboard is extremely wonderful, with white waves swirling underfoot and wind blowing in his ears.

As the hottest sport on the beaches of the countries of England, France, … even Flyboard is considered an aristocratic sport showing the level and wealth of Dubai “rich kid”.

After mastering the basic techniques, you can try flying, gliding and navigating the shoes as you like, “transforming” into a genuine Superman – Just only listen but it is very attractive, right?

4. Play golf at the 27-hole golf course of international standards of VinPearl

For a resort island like Phu Quoc, golf – a class sport is the ideal choice to balance between rest and exercise. VinPearl Phu Quoc Golf Course is the largest island golf course in Vietnam, located in North Phu Quoc, constructed by IMG – a corporation specializing in the construction of world-famous 5-star golf courses.

The design of Phu Quoc golf course is considered to be the most modern in the area with 27 golf holes combined with a unique landscape, when players can play golf while watching and feeling the beauty of the clear blue sea. in front of me. The terrain of Phu Quoc golf course is diversified to meet your tastes and forte, the teeing ground is high, ensuring good visibility for players.

Convenience for mobility is also a plus point of this golf course when there are direct flights from major airports in Vietnam, Russia, South Korea and China. Besides, Phu Quoc golf course also includes many other amenities such as club house, high-class restaurant & bar system, pro shop, …

Smooth surface with modern design brings a class of relaxation experience

In addition to sports sports, Phu Quoc also has no shortage of intellectual sports experiences, including a bright star of the island district – Corona Casino, the first casino to allow Vietnamese to play on Vietnamese territory.

Although only opening for a year, the attraction of Corona Casino has been proven when it has earned a profit of more than 600 billion VND and welcomed tens of millions of visitors. Enjoy a luxurious space not inferior to Macao or Las Vegas while “balance” with 400 roulette tables, 100 blackjack tables or 1,000 slot machines will give you endless fun nights during your stay at the beautiful Pearl Island

Corona Casino includes a wide variety of games where players can unleash their talents and try their luck.

Above are some of the most detailed Phu Quoc island travel experiences that we want to share with you. Hope that the useful information will help your trip more smoothly. If you have any questions about what to play National tourism? Where to eat? … leave a comment below for the fastest response!