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Vinpearl Safari

Gathering more than 2,000 individuals, representing more than 150 rare animal species from all over the world.

For the first time in Vietnam, the zoo park was built according to the famous safari model design around the world with wild environment and space. Right at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, you can admire the wild zoo with rare animals.


The zoo is home for many species and wild  animals from South Africa, Europe, India, and  Australia… Vinpearl Safari’s is an open space  surrounded by water trench, designed to  emphasize the natural life and bring on the  real and true view to visitors.

Through the shadowy road, the visitors will  discover life of Primates, such as Douc langur,  Silvery langur, Vervet monkey… or check out  the Asian elephants, Arabian oryx Klipspringer,  Ankole Cattle, Equus hemionus khur or Bengal  tiger, African lions, Warthog, Moon bear…The  park also features a spectacular bird garden  divided into 3 areas: stork, peacock, myna, also  featuring a charming Flamingo lake. This  experience is a special journey allowing the  visitors to embrace the Mother Nature.


Nestled on the huge area, Safari Park is the  only wildlife park attraction that can meet the  toughest requirement of Safari model. For the  first time in Vietnam, visitors can enjoy the  model of “human being in the cage, surround-  ed by freely roaming animals” while seating in  the bus.


Nothing is more exciting than watching the  fascination of the wildlife with your own eyes:  the laziness of lions in a sunny morning, the roar of king of the jungle, the scare of the deer  drinking water from the stream….This opened  wildlife reservation is the ideal living environ-  ment for all species, especially for those which  are now considered rare and endangered.

The first and the only Safari park in Vietnam,  Vinpearl Safari brings us closer to the wildlife


Not only organising exciting animal life explo-  rations, Vinpearl Safari also offers an enter-  tainment world with many diverse activities.  With the inspiration coming from wild nature,  these activities  promise to bring to visitors  unique experience.


Animal performance is acknowledged  as a unique spotlight, contributing to

the diversity of the experience in Vinpearl  Safari discovery journey.


From the marvellous Blue-and-yellow Macaw  Parrots to Albino Pythons, Komodos, and  Savannah Lizards, etc, all are eagerly waiting  to record the lovely moments with visitors to  Vinpearl Safari.