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Van Mai Huong to perform with Tung Duong in “The man who sings” live show

As the runner-up of Vietnam Idol 2010, Van Mai Huong has left a favorable impression in the hearts of music-loving audiences so far during her 10-year singing career.

With over 10 years in the singing industry, Mai Van Huong now proves her ability and is highly experienced in handling songs and stage performances. All shows, regardless of how big they are, with the presentation of the female singer, receive universal praise from fans.

Van Mai Huong is rated by critics as a singer with the powerful singing voice and well-trained techniques. Therefore, she can feel confident to fully display her own personality. By a profound, emotional voice, Van Mai Huong attracts the audience with sweet ballads such as Cầu hôn, Nếu như anh đến, thời thanh xuân sẽ qua…

Accepting the invitation of Tung Duong for the Live Show “The man who sings” held at Corona Phu Quoc Theater on the upcoming April 30, Van Mai Huong states that she cannot wait for this performance on Pearl Island. Both singers have delivered many solo performances in many different shows. But this is the first time both of them perform together, which promises to be something special and worth looking forward to.

The Corona theater, whose capacity is over 600 spectators, equipped with a top-notch sound and lighting system, is considered as the most state-of-the-art theater in Phu Quoc so far. Many concerts of top Vietnamese artists have been held here. With the upcoming “The man who sings” Live Show, the spectators will have an opportunity to experience emotions and interact with their idols in a luxurious space at Corona Theater.

All official information about the show will be updated by Corona Casino as soon as possible. Please look forward to our website and Facebook to enjoy fabulous moments of Tung Duong and Van Mai Huong.