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Useful terms in Roulette game


Roulette is a popular game in many casinos around the world. Roulette has simple rules, by just mastering rules and common terms, players have a huge advantages in the journey to win. 

Roulette has a relatively long development history, accompanied by many variations and different rules of the game to suit the preferences of each region. Roulette is said to first appear in the eighteenth century, but it was not until the nineteenth century that the invention of the Roulette table had only one number 0 of the two Blanc brothers in France that officially brought Roulette back and maintain its position as one of the most attractive games at casinos to this day.

After the introduction of the Roulette table that had a unique zero to reduce the house odds of 2.7%, the game quickly spread to Germany and then to the whole Europe. In 1863, the Blanc brothers built a casino in Monte Carlo, in which Roulette was the dominant game. By the twentieth century, Roulette was introduced to the US and was also favored by citizens of the United States after a short period.

Roulette was born a long time ago and is popular all over the world

The reason Roulette for such a strong appeal is its simple rules: Roulette players can bet a single number or multiple sets of numbers, red, black, or even parity, or high numbers (19-36) and low numbers (1-18). Roulette table is equipped with chips (layouts) in the betting position.

The game is determined by number and color victory based on a croupier spinning in a fixed direction. Next bounce a ball in the opposite direction, around the circular groove of the Roulette wheel. The ball gradually stops inertia, falls inside the wheel, and stops at one of the numbers in the colored ring.

Despite its simplicity, players also need to grasp necessary terms to be active in the game. Below are some useful terms in the Roulette round, to help players gain more confidence and increase their ability to judge correctly when placing a bet.

Roulette has fewer terms than other games – an advantage suitable for novices in casino subjects

Table and win: Is the amount a player can win at the Roulette casino during the game. Each time the board moves, the House will notify players of the Table and win. In almost all cases, transitions are not allowed as the activity will still be listed in the history table.

Minimum bet: As a rule, players need to place a minimum bet before starting the game. This is the lowest you can bet on. At Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc – the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam, bets in Vietnamese currency (circulation units in VND) are valid.

Loss prevention: shows the player’s bet limit and players must be prepared to lose before stopping the game.

Profit target: Is the number of bets players want to play in Roulette.

Originated from Europe, there are many terms in the game of Roulette that remain unchanged in English, here are some typical examples:

English terms will be instructed specifically by the staff in the casino so that visitors will not encounter any problem during the game.

Action Player: mean those who bet big money and bet for a long term.

American Roulette: is an online roulette game in the United States with a number 0 and 00.

Backtrack: is the groove of the ball.

Biased Numbers and Wheels: are just random numbers and are not affected by machines.

Black Bet: Black is selected to bet.

Bottom Track: the ball is between the number slot and the ball slot.

Column Bet: Players place bets in rows of 12 numbers.

Corner Bet: chips are located at 2 ends of 4 digits.

Croupier: Casino staff only (dealer).

Dozen Bet: bet on 12 numbers.

Enprison Rule: When the ball stops at position 0, players leave the money on this side and play again.

House Edge: means Casino revenue.

Outside Bet: places the bet in the center of the table.

Odd Bet: bets with odd numbers.

Partage Rule: players get their bets back.

Quarter Bet: corner bet.

Roulette Chips: mean special chips in Roulette.

Six Number Bet: bets with opposite line.

Split Bet: bets with 2 pars.

Street Bet: bets with 3 pars.

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In Vietnam, casino is still a conditional business form and is subject to strict regulations, with only 6 casinos licensed to operate, and 5 of which are only serving foreign visitors. So, where can Vietnamese people feel secure to experience this game directly?

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