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Tung Duong – the King of Vietnamese contemporary folk music

It would be no exaggeration to say that Tung Duong is the “King” of Vietnamese contemporary folk music because he is the artist who has received the most Dedication Music Awards so far. The number of 13 awards affirms his enduring dedication to contemporary music.

Known to the public when he won the award voted by the Arts Council at the 2014 Morning Star – Rendezvous, Tung Duong has increasingly affirmed his position as the “King” of Vietnamese music. He continuously won many prestigious awards such as Award for Song of the Year, Award for Album of the Year, Dedication Music Award, Award for Favorite Singer, etc.

Tung Duong not only is a veteran artist who diligently studies and experiments with new genres of music, but also successfully experiments with many songs influenced by Pop, Jazz, contemporary folk, new age, electronic, world music, etc., and even revolutionary music, pre-war music and love songs in 1954-1975.

Left the hearts of the music-loving audience is the image of extravagant Tung Duong whose attractive voice is somewhat “monstrous”. However, he also shared: “When it comes to Tung Duong, people will think I am weird, but sometimes I am also attentive and sing love songs. The family of late musician Trinh Cong Son has invited me to sing in live shows to honor him. That is another side of me”.
In life, I am not extreme or just sing to an audience. However, if you can turn a person who did not love you at first into a person who loves you, it would be great. That is how I use roundabout ways. I do not always satisfy my ego”.

On April 30, the audience of the Pearl Island will have the opportunity to meet up with Tung Duong with the golden voice on the stage of Corona Theater, with hit songs that have made his name such as Chiec khan pieu, Con co, Oi que toi, etc. Experiencing emotions in the luxurious space and top-notch sound and lighting system of Corona Theater will surely leave an unforgettable impression on the audience. In addition, Tung Duong is specially paired with guest singer Van Mai Huong, promising to create many interesting surprises during the night.