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Tung Duong and Van Mai Huong brought the house down in Phu Quoc!

Tung Duong and Van Mai Huong just finished a memorable concert held on the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. In the luxurious space filled with top-notch sound and lighting system of Corona Theater, the couple had an opportunity to bring the house down and interact with spectators.

Living up to the Nickname “The king of Vietnamese contemporary folk music,” Tung Duong seems to burn the stage with his warm and emotional voice. It seems there is no difference between his live performance and his studio records. He led the audience from this surprise to another.

Meanwhile, Van Mai Huong confidently performed her star-making hit songs such as Cầu hôn, Nghe nói anh sắp kết hôn, Nếu như anh đến, etc. Furthermore, she pleased the audience when covering a lot of current popular songs.

Interspersing their performances, the couple also spent their time chatting with each other and interacting with the audience. Their friendliness left a beautiful impression on the audience and live show producers.

In particular, the audience is strongly impressed not only by the voices of Tung Duong and Van Mai Huong but also the grandeur of Corona Theater’s stage. Composer Minh Khang, who is in charge of art direction, with the production team created a colorful stage featuring a sound and lighting system that meets international standards. Enjoying music in the luxurious space of Corona Theater will make a lasting impression on the audience.


The Corona Theater, under Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino Complex, regularly holds live shows, concerts for domestic and foreign artists. Let’s look forward to other attractive shows that will take place soon in the Corona Theater.