russian poker

Russian Poker is a Poker game where a player uses his or her hand to beat the house’s hand with the chance of further betting. A player can use two boxes, one by one. The maximum number of boxes in this game is 4. A 52-card deck will be used after it has been placed in the One2Six dealing machine/Deal by hand after the deck has been manually shuffled according to the correct shuffle procedure.

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How to play

  • Start of the game: To begin the game, each guest place their bet on the card slot with the word ANTE printed on it. A player can play up to two (2) boxes per game (adjacent boxes only) but must make a decision on one box before viewing the next box. A visitor may play up to three (3) “blind” boxes per round, the hand in the “Blind” box must face down even if the house requires insurance bet. If a player with a “blind” box wants to bet on insurance then this bet is also placed “blind” and the bet will be returned if the box is not eligible to buy “insurance”. Three of a kind (3 of a kind) or higher is needed buy insurance.
  • First round: Each player and the dealer will receive 5 cards. The dealer shows the last 1 card of the dealer.
  • • Decision of the player: (1) To fold and lose the ANTE; (2) Continue to play: place the hand in the BET box (double the amount of ANTE); (3) To exchange from 2 to 5 cards, a bet equal to the ANTE ; (4) To buy the 6th card by a payment equal to the ANTE. (for case 3 & 4, the player can decide to continue or stop) After all players have made a decision; The dealer will open the cards and announce the dealer’s hand.
  • Change the Dealer’s hand: The players can replace the Dealer’s hand with the same bet as the ANTE. In this case, the dealer removes the dealer’s highest card and replaces it with another card from the. Only one card can be exchanged, whether or not the new card has the same value as the former card. If the new card forms a new Dealer’s hand, which qualifies, the dealer will not pay for the “ANTE”, only the “BET” according to the payout of the table. If the new card make the new Dealer’s hand and wins players’ hand, the dealer will collect both ANTE and BET bets.

Pay out

The payout for 5-card hands.

Two pair1:2
Three of a kind1:3
Full house1:7
Four of a kind1:20
Straight flush1:50
Royal Flush1:100

In Russian Poker, unlike other Poker games, bets can be paid twice. Payout is made according to the payout table for the following 6 cards:

One Pair + Ace-King2:1
Two Pair + Ace-King3:1
Three pair4:1
Three of a Kind + Ace-King4:1
Straight + One Pair8:1
Flush + One Pair6:1
Flush + Straight9:1
6-card straight8:1
6-card flush10:1
Three of a kind + Three of a kind14:1
Four of a kind + Full house27:1
6-card straight flush100:1
Straight flush from 9 to Ace150:1
Straight flush + one pair54:1
Royal straight flush + One pair104:1