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Top must-try food when traveling to Phu Quoc


Coming to Phu Quoc, tourists not only enjoy ravishing Pearl Island paradise, but also taste famous and delicious food. If you come to Phu Quoc and do not know what to eat, you can refer to the following list of delicious Phu Quoc food.

In recent years, Phu Quoc continuously thrives in the tourism sector and becomes a highlight in the region as a “resort paradise” attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

Voted by CNN as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Fall of 2019, “Pearl Island” overtook Phuket (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia), Jeju (South Korea), etc. to become a proud highlight for the non-smoke industry in Kien Giang in particular and Vietnam in general.

Phu Quoc attracts tourists not only by its wild landscape, beaches with blue water, white dunes, or abundant aquatic plants but also the list of unique food that satisfies even the most fastidious customers.

Thanks to the nature that has not been affected by humans as well as the good sense of environmental protection from residents on the island, seafood of Phu Quoc is assessed as tremendously delicious, charming, and completely different from the one of other seas.

The water with high purity is an ideal environment for aquatic species to grow naturally, with rich nutrients and varying in species.  


Ham Ninh Sentinel Crab is supposed to be a must-try food if you visit “Pearl Island”.

It is amazing to enjoy this food with some lemon pepper-and-salt in which black pepper is harvested from black pepper gardens in Phu Quoc, another specialty of the small yet rich region under Kien Giang. Ham Ninh Sentinel Crab is so fragrant, sweet, tough, and firm that you do not need to put a lot of effort in processing. Adding some beer cans is adequate to fully enjoy the taste of this food.

Ham Ninh Sentinel Crab – a remarkable food of Phu Quoc

Ham Ninh is a famous fishing village of Phu Quoc. Therefore, tourists may also directly join the fishing activities if they want to discover or experiencing night squid fishing is also a favorite part for many tourists when visiting the island district. Moreover, Ham Ninh is also known as a captivating spot to view Sunrise.


Phu Quoc is one of the best in the country in terms of fish species. Therefore, it has numerous fish dishes that tourists may choose when staying here. The most famous one is the herring salad.

Herring are cleaned, sliced, and arranged in circle on the plate. It is eaten with fresh vegetables such as salad, herbs, basil, etc. Curettage Coconut is indispensable, a unique part that makes Phu Quoc herring salad leave its mark on tourists.

The salad is rolled by rice crepes and dipped in dipping sauce with minced chili, peanut and fish sauce, which is the top specialty on “Pearl Island”.

The plate of plump herring with the harmonization of colors presents the precise aestheticism in rural dishes.  

Aside from herring, grilled horse mackerel is also nicknamed “no.1 food of the high sea” and attracts many tourists visiting Phu Quoc. The horse mackerel is low in sickliness, rich in nutrients. Also, the special part is the innards, which are when cooked, both tough and crispy, tastily rich yet fatless with typically captivating fragrance.

To process the grilled horse mackerel, it is the most ideal to choose the fish weighed about 1kg with glossy skin. The horse mackerel grilled on ember will fully maintain the deep sweetness of the meat. Dipping with lemon pepper-and-salt, which is a similar way to enjoy Ham Ninh Sentinel Crab, will please the taste of tourists, and it is sufficient for the island district to leave a strong impression on them.

Moreover, the meal will be more complete if tourists can even taste Sim Wine, the famous drink of Phu Quoc. Sim Wine of “Pearl Island” has an acrid taste intertwined with sweetness melted promptly on the tip of your tongue and remaining forever at your throat, along with the warm fragrance and twinkle red, which makes Sim not less competitive than any other class Wines.


Phu Quoc is also famous for its unique seafood, in which sea cucumber and sea urchin must be mentioned. Sea cucumber is valuable seafood, locally called “don dot” or “dot ngau”. Despite not having an eye-catching shape, sea cucumber is highly nutritious. It is also difficult to feed, and not so cheap.

However, Phu Quoc is one of the rare regions considered ideal for sea cucumber to reproduce and grow. Therefore, tourists should not miss the opportunity to enjoy this food when visiting the island district.

Sea cucumbers have many effects on people’s health such as treatment of neurasthenia, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc.  

Another “popular” but not less strange food is sea urchin. This food may be easily found in night markets in which grilled sea urchin with onion pleases tourists the most. Sea urchin meat is fragrant, sweet, and highly nutritious. If you do not want to enjoy grilling recipes, sea urchin porridge is an option that is worthy of consideration, especially for children.


Whatever dishes you desire can be found in Phu Quoc Corona Resort

Phu Quoc is famous for seafood, but it does not mean tourists only experience with seafood there. Seafood dishes are regularly rich in protein, and tourists may be “tired” of them just after several meals. High-fiber food, green vegetables, or other protein sources will get the attention of many people.

Almaz Cuisine and Shopping Center (under Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino) is located at Dai beach and gathers elites of Asian – European Cuisine. Tourists may easily find fresh and green salad dishes, enjoy mojito detox or appropriate menus for children, etc. Owning a 10-restaurant system, Almaz has very diverse menus with Cuisine of South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Italy, etc.