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Top 5 must-tried activities when traveling to Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc is famous for its blue sea, white sand, and natural scenery. However, the charm of Paradise Pearl Island is not only at the beaches – there are also countless of unique and special entertainment activities only in Phu Quoc that you should not miss. So what do you play in Phu Quoc?

What do you play in Phu Quoc?

1. Diving and admiring coral

iving and admiring the coral is voted by CNN as one of the most exciting activities when visiting Phu Quoc island district.This activity is attractive because of the extremely high purity of the Phu Quoc sea, the clear water facilitating for good visibility.

At the same time, diving to admire the coral is considered relatively safe because there is no need to dive too deep, visitors can also see the colorful coral line, highlighted by nice swimming fish.

Phu Quoc’s corals fascinate visitors thanks to its natural beauty

You can choose from 3 types of diving to see coral, including: using snorkel, using the Oxygen container, or walking under the sea. In particular, the final form is quite unique, allowing the experience to walk easily as if on the ground, breathe normally and not even get his hair wet – one of the extremely attractive activities, currently there is only in Phu Quoc.

In Phu Quoc, there are quite a few places suitable for diving and watching coral, the most famous one is the An Thoi archipelago, the north of the island (near Dong Duong town), or a coral park.

2. Night squid fishing

As an island district, most of the people of Phu Quoc make a living by seafaring. If you love to travel and learn about the culture and life of the people here, squid fishing at night deserves the first choice. You can combine squid fishing with the famous beautiful sunset view of Phu Quoc, and the ideal place is Ham Ninh fishing village or Sao Beach.

Night squid fishing is suitable for groups or families when traveling, due to its unique and novel experience that easily attracts young children.

In order for the night squid fishing trip to be complete, participants need to strictly follow the safety instructions of the fishermen to accompany them such as wearing life jackets, taking anti-sickness medicine in case of need, bringing anti-cold medicine, …

A popular time to start your fishing trip is 5:00 pm. Squid fishing and processing by yourself on the boat, enjoying fresh seafood under the splendid night sea will definitely be an unforgettable experience for visitors.

3. Visit Phu Quoc night market

If you are more interested in living on the mainland, Phu Quoc night market will be the perfect place for you to explore. The market is located at the three way crossroad of Bach Dang – Nguyen Dinh Chieu street and is open from 17:00 to 23:00 daily. The inside of the market mainly sells the specialties of the island district – fresh seafood with a variety of varieties.

In the market there are also precious seafood species such as lobster, the price fluctuates depending on the season and breed, but in general is quite reasonable.

Enjoying foods at Phu Quoc night market is one of the most famous food tours, with clean and modern “food court”.
In addition, the night market area is also a good place to buy souvenirs such as crafts and dry foods as gifts.

4. Play Casino at the first casino open to Vietnamese people in Vietnamese territory

Island and island tourism cities are often considered to be less attractive in night activities, but with Phu Quoc, this weakness has been completely eliminated, with the possession of exciting entertainment location with endless fun.

The most prominent of which is Corona Casino – a casino belonging to the luxury entertainment and resort complex Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, located at Dai beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Corona Casino has just been in operation for a year but has soon become the top tourist attraction for Phu Quoc tourism.

This complex known as “Las Vegas of Vietnam” owns a huge area of ​​up to 18,800 square meters on two floors, all imported furniture, with a bar and snack inside according to international standards. Corona Casino includes more than 400 roulette tables, 100 blackjack tables and 1,000 slot machines – a huge amount comparable to that of Macao – the region’s Gambling paradise.

Accompanied by professional service team, experience at Corona Casino brings excitement to all visitors

With a diverse list of games and rules to play are not too difficult, Corona Casino Phu Quoc is one of the most unique and special entertainment destinations, it not only for Paradise pearl Island tourism but also reaching its nation level.

5. Endless entertainment at VinPearl water park

It will be a shortcoming if coming to Phu Quoc in this sunny season which you bypass VinPearl water park – one of the largest and most modern water parks in the area today. Entering VinPearl water park, you can try playing up to 36 games, such as spiral slide, super-basin slide, multi-lane slide, … with different levels of adventure, especially suitable for Family travel with children.

Enjoy playing underwater games at Vinpearl Water Park.

VinPearl Water Park also “captivates” visitors from near and far when owning an aquarium displaying thousands of aquatic species, creating a miniature ecosystem full of interesting details. In particular, every day at 11:00 and 15:00, there will be performances of 3 beautiful mermaids. In the indoor area, the children will surely enjoy games such as slide, shooting, basketball, cinema 4D and many other interesting activities.

Through the article that casinocorona.vn has reviewed for you, you must already know what to play in Phu Quoc!
Have a happy trip!