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Top 3 entertainment places in Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc is famous for its beautiful landscape and delicious food. Moreover, “Pearl Island” also has substantial new and unique entertainment activities. 

Phu Quoc is endowed by the nature with an ecosystem having both forest and sea, in which national parks account for 70% of the island area. Coming to Phu Quoc, visitors can freely immerse themselves in nature and fully discover the original and wild beauty.

However, not for that reason, Phu Quoc only focuses on ecotourism and lacks investment in entertainment. In recent years, Phu Quoc has constantly made efforts to develop tourism and has become a spotlight for this smoke-free industry in Vietnam, when making certain imprints on domestic and international tourists and is the most prominent destinations worth trying in the fall as voted by CNN.

In fact, entertainment activities in Phu Quoc in general and Dai Beach in particular are considered to be rich, vibrant and especially modern – the point that makes the “Pearl Island” different from most provinces and cities that are developing sea tourism in Vietnam, as well as being able to compete with familiar names in the region such as Phuket, Bali, etc.

Entertainment activities are one of the spearhead industry which contributes to promote Phu Quoc tourism to go far, fast and sustainable. 

VinWonders: “Disneyland of Vietnam” – the largest water park in the Southeast Asia

It will be a big shortcoming if visitors do not visit VinWonders during their trip to Phu Quoc. VinWonders is a complex to expand, improve and develop from VinPearl Land – a familiar name in entertainment activities, especially in the southern provinces of Vietnam. Expected to become “Disneyland of Vietnamese people”, the total area of VinWonders is expected to reach 50ha, with 6 subdivisions corresponding to 6 independent themes. The total number of games at VinWonders can include over 100 games in all 3 spaces: outdoors, indoors and underwater.

At present, there are 4 subdivisions that have gone into the completion stage and will soon be launched at VinWonders, including: Secret Village (Viking Zone), Magical World (Fairy Zone), Adventure World (Thrilling Zone) and Cyclone World (Water Park Area).


VinWonders is expected to become the top entertainment destination in the region 

The Viking area brings visitors closer to European culture, where players can try the feeling of floating on the river or the climbing advantageous games such as forest exploration, suspension bridge challenge, etc. to explore secrets lurking in the village.

The thrilling area is a place for visitors to experience the fastest roller coaster in the world today, tailored to each theme such as a Maya theme, or an ancient Greek theme. The fairy area recreates famous stories such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Aladdin and the magic lamp”, etc. with many interactive and attractive games to children.

The water park area has two new slides, the Tornado slide and the 6-lane slide, and the aquarium with the main tank in the top 5 largest tanks in the world today. This is also the place where many unique art performances like water music or mermaid shows take place.

Ham Ninh fishing village: containing cultural beauty of island district

If you love learning about culture – history and people of this new land, Ham Ninh fishing village is a perfect destination for tourists. This is the most famous “sun hunting” site of the island district, with magnificent sunsets. Feeling the full beauty of the sun setting into the sea while standing on the wharf will be an unforgettable experience about Phu Quoc.

Ham Ninh fishing village helps visitors understand more about the lifestyle and life rhythm of people in the island district

Ham Ninh fishing village is also famous near and far for crab dishes. Ham Ninh crab meat is firm, sweet and fragrant to the point that there is no need for elaborate processing, just a can of beer and a plate of salt and pepper lemon are enough to enjoy this famous specialty. If you want to learn more about the lives of indigenous people, you can absolutely eat a meal with Phu Quoc’s local people. The innocence, generosity and hospitable character of the coastal people will definitely gain your hearts.

As a fishing village, Ham Ninh also offers night squid fishing – a typical experience of Phu Quoc. Going out under the starry sky and feeling the gentle night sea surface is also worth a try for discovery lovers. Furthermore, you can fully enjoy your results right after your trip – Phu Quoc squid is also known for its delicious chewiness and high nutritional value.

Corona Casino: The first casino opened to Vietnamese guests

Corona Casino Phu Quoc belongs to the 5-star Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc resort complex, located at Dai Beach. This is the first casino to welcome Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam – a unique activity that brings great attraction and high competitiveness for Phu Quoc tourism, and contributes to distinct enrichment of nightlife activities in the island district.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is operated by a reputable name that has worked with Europe’s top casinos and Macao, providing the most professional entertainment experience for visitors.

Corona Casino is built on an area of over 18,000m2, divided into 2 floors, including 1 separate outdoor swimming pool. This casino owns 8 of the most popular games, which are selected from the top casinos in the world and divided into 100 tables and 1000 slot machines. Simple admission procedures make Corona Casino accessible to the general public and clear any doubts about the legality of this type of entertainment.

Corona Casino is opened 24/7 and has a professional and friendly staff who are always ready to answer any queries from customers. At the same time, inside “Las Vegas of Vietnam”, there is a system of bars/lounges and restaurants serving luxurious drinks or snacks. Luxurious space, diversified game system and fully equipped satellite facilities provide tourists with a unique and exciting night that cannot be found anywhere, but the “Pearl Island”.