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Top 3 best luxury hotel hotels nearby Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc


Corona Casino Phu Quoc – the first casino allowing Vietnamese to play in Vietnam territory is the spot light of travel of “Pearl Island” though it has just been operating for nearly a year. Visit and experience the “Vietnamese Las Vegas”, where should visitors reside? Here below is Top 3 Hotel near Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc.

VinPearl Discovery 1 Phu Quoc

VinPearl Discovery 1 Phu Quoc locates in the 5-star resort system of VinPearl Discovery, in the Long Beach – one of the most charming and widest beaches on the planet.

The prominence of VinPearl Discovery 1 is the villa series including gardens and yards, spacy swimming pool, where brings our visitors a full enjoyable taste of fresh air by the sea, blueness of the ocean, and relaxing forest vegetation cover green.

Moreover, VinPearl Discovery Phu Quoc Resort possesses a private beach, providing the maximum concealment and tranquility in the stop-by. Visitors can try a variety of activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, rowing, etc.

Besides, for sports lovers, stop-by in VinPearl Discovery also presents visitors a benefit of play golf on a 27-hole course which is now the most innovative golf course in the Southeast Asian area.

VinPearl Discovery 1 Phu Quoc becomes a favorite destination among domestic and international visitors 

Satellite utility system of VinPearl Discovery 1 Phu Quoc features as the attraction strength to domestic and international visitors. Chosen to stay in the villa system, visitors are entitled to enjoy the high-end utilities as gymnastics, outdoor swimming pool, indoor playground, karaoke, billiard, etc.

In addition, VinPearl Discovery 1 Phu Quoc is supplied with free airport pick-up, abundant breakfast buffet, luxurious Akoya Spa, while easily travelling to other entertainment parks as VinPearl Safari, VinPearl Waterpark, etc.

Total villas in VinPearl Discovery 1 Phu Quoc accounts for 340 units, with the stereotypical modern, spacy and classy Mediterranean design. The interior furniture system has been carefully selected to optimize every living experience. The ocean-view villas facilitate visitors to enjoy the magnificent Phu Quoc sunrise and sunset.

HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc

For the admirers of nostalgic and retro architecture, combined with modern facilities, in a Tonkin and free space, HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc will be the worthy-selected place for your review. Resided in Ganh Dau Point – one of the popular attractions in Phu Quoc due to the dazzling sightseeing and highly pure seawater, HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc is featured with the Indo-China characteristics in the past, from the room design to the main interior furniture and dominative colors.

Visitors are attracted to reside in HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc due to its tranquil beauty.

Choose a room in HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc among the 3 following types: Bungalow, Studio and single/ dual bedroom. Visitors can choose the ocean-view, garden-view or swimming pool-view room, all of these rooms can fully enjoy the unique fresh air of “Pearl Island”. HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc garden is quite large, surrounded by vegetation cover.

Come to HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc, visitors can use satellite captivating facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing yard, BBQ utilities, etc. The resort includes a variety of sports activities as hiking tour, bicycle tour, snorkeling/ diving, and fishing. In addition, HulaHula Beachfront Phu Quoc owns a restaurant serving the daily meals and a bar serving snacks.

Radisson Blu & VinOasis Phu Quoc

Radisson Blu – Hotel nearby Casino Phu Quoc

Located inside the complex of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, it is an ideal selection for visitors to stay in one of the two systems of Radisson Blu or VinOasis on the way to travel and experience Corona Casino Phu Quoc.

The modern and classy beauty of Radisson Blu Phu Quoc take the dominance in choosing an accommodation among visitors.

Radisson Blu Phu Quoc has rated 5 stars with 3 accommodation options: Suite, Deluxe and Villa. 10 ocean-view villas feature a modern submerged living room, private swimming pool, and outdoor shower, the largest area is up to 635m2 including 6 bedrooms. The entirely imported interior furniture system is a skillful combination between the most classy and luxurious materials such as crystal, marble, etc. Each room in Radisson Blu Phu Quoc is unique and exclusive, expressing with clear differences while harmonizing the overall modern and liberal design.

Literally, VinOasis is a green oasis, indulging visitor with a tranquil and relaxing accommodation.


VinOasis – a 4-star hotel nearby Casino Phu Quoc

VinOasis (4-star hotel) includes two types of garden-view and swimming pool/ ocean-view rooms. Different from the dominant shade of blue in Radisson Blu, VinOasis impresses visitors with the diverse vegetation cover. VinOasis consists of one VinSuite with the area of 125m2 directly observing the Long Beach, achieving the outright beautiful and spectacular sight of Phu Quoc nature by your eyes.

Accommodation system under the complex of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc also supplies several facilities, for example, free gym, outdoor swimming pool, that is easily traveling to many places in VinPearl (waterpark, zoo land, etc.) Radisson Blu & VinOasis all provide a free transport service to the airport. In this accommodation system, there are also 10 restaurants with a culinary menu of Trans Asia and Europe, with some multi-location bars and an Almaz high-end shopping mall.

Diverse facilities is helpful to the visitors who are enjoying the whole vacation in a single complex – not necessary to move forward/ backward and savings

Nevertheless, the most extraordinary thing is the Corona Theatre – where I started working and received many domestic and international celebrities for uphill the stage. In the case of music-loving, visitors do not ignore the citizen’s accommodation “Pearl Island”.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc – a must-go attraction on the visit of the dazzling “Pearl Island”. 

The afore-said mentioned the Top 3 worthy-residing hotel before tasting Casino Phu Quoc. The first casino for Vietnamese in Vietnam’s territory including 8 common and popular game in casinos around the world. Corona Casino owns this entirely imported interior furniture, 100 game tables, and 1000 slot machines, along with luxurious bars and refreshment counters that could compare with “casino paradises” on top in Macau, Singapore, etc.