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Tips to win Blackjack without skills!


Most Blackjack players assume that the more you want to win, the more skills you need to have, as this is one of the casino games with the lowest chance of winning. Are the “newbie” have no chance to win? In this article, we will provide a few tips to win Blackjack without skills.


Blackjack techniques

Blackjack is the easiest to play in the gambling world. With two or more cards you can get yourself a pretty big reward. Depending on your playing tricks you will get your desired score. Now let’s take a look at the blackjack experience.

Gameplay is very simple. The 21 score is the highest score. Besides, magic five (5 cards with score under 21), blackjack (one face card and one A) or two A are considered to be higher than 21.

The gameplay is easy to understand and easy to play, but to win you need to prepare yourself some simple tricks. When handing out, if you get 18 or 20 you should not draw the next card, as 18 -20 have a 60% -90% win rate.


When you have 16-17, you may wonder whether to draw or not, so you should pay attention to the player in front of you, if you see that they draw 1 card and then no longer draw, I advise you not to stand, since the chance of a face card (big card) is very high, we should continue drawing when we see them draw 2-3 cards in a row, since they have drawn the small card, so the chance of the next small card will be high. Usually the big cards are stick together, and the small cards are no exception, so if you apply this trick to the game you will have a win rate of about 65%.

If you have 12 – 15 score or less, you will have to draw more cards, as you have not reached the minimum score (except the house has 15 score), with such score you must rely on luck a lot when you draw the cards.

When you get 3 -10 score, you can comfortably draw your first card, if you hit the face card (the big card) and you already have 15-16 score, then you should think carefully about whether to draw more. If you hit the small card and your score is not enough, then you must continue to draw, but still the small card, with 3 draws like this, and your score is still from 17- 18 you should think before making a decision, but if your score is 14-16 then you should draw more as the chance of magic five is 50-50, as you have drawn all the small cards, maybe the next card will continue to be small, not a big card.

In addition, you need to pay attention to a few things to make the game more attractive.

Firstly, you should use “psychological warfare”.

One of the attractive traits of blackjack is the ability to use psychological warfare. Thanks to the agility, sharpness, assertiveness and sometimes a little recklessness in calculating score and drawing cards, gamers have a pretty high probability of winning of about 78%.

Secondly, understand the rules and observe the opponents


How many cards your opponent has drawn, use a logical judgment, in a 52-card deck, what the probability of getting a good card is. This ability is getting better and better as you play and learn, then equip yourself with the your strategy on whether to draw more or stand (except for case of instant winning) or the instant winning of the opponent.

Thirdly, calculate each card

Based on the order of the six sets: supreme blackjack, blackjack, magic five, mature, under, bust, you can calculate the chance of sets by looking at the cards the opponents receive to have most effective strategy to win.

Fourthly, remember the cards from the previous game

When you gather the cards of the previous game, try to remember which cards close together, for example, the opposite opponent has 3 spades and 7 hearts, and Q clubs and in the next game you have a Q clubs and a 3, then if you hit a 3 spades, it’s best not to draw anymore, as the chance of getting a 7 hearts and Q clubs is very high.

Combining these three tricks on the table can make you a master in blackjack.


Blackjack is a pretty good recreational game when it combines psychoanalysis and computational analysis in a great way. For professional players, they have gone through an extremely hard process with both tears and money.

For casual players, it is best to know where to stop when playing and of course you should have the ability to observe and maintain a good mood. They are important not only in the game but also in life!

Good luck!