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Things to keep in mind for your perfect vacation in Phu Quoc


Resort paradise Phu Quoc is very suitable for short trips. However, the time limit also requires you to plan carefully so that each experience becomes worthwhile. 

When coming to a new land, scenic beauty, cuisine and entertainment activities are often the trio that receive the most attention from visitors. Phu Quoc is not an exception, the small island district of Kien Giang province is very rich in activities, places to eat and visit, despite its modest area.

Plus the peaceful and wild scenery, this is the ideal place for a vacation from 2 to 5 days. During this short period, you should keep in mind some useful tips to have an exciting trip, as well as to save time and money.

Select a location to stay

The location to stay is very important and is the first factor that you should consider carefully, because it determines your resting experience, as well as how long you travel to attractions or dining locations. If you choose a place to stay too far from the center, it will take you more time and difficulty in traveling.

Convenient location for tourists to move easily and quality service makes guests satisfied

Phu Quoc’s population density is not too high, so you don’t need to worry too much about the noise affecting the resort experience. “Pearl Island” has many beautiful beaches and each beach has a different strengths, such as the tranquil and peaceful Sao Beach, Truong Beach with many small scenes suitable for photography, etc.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, but still easily reach busy places such as Phu Quoc night market or Ham Ninh fishing village, staying at the Corona Resort & Casino entertainment complex at Dai Beach will be a reasonable choice.

Traffic infrastructure in Dai Beach is extremely convenient and connected to most famous tourist attractions of the island district, and the service quality here is 5-star standard. Resting in an environment full of high-end amenities will help you recharge to explore “Pearl Island” to the fullest.

Make a list of places to visit

Researching information about the land you visit is a way for tourists to get acquainted with the customs, culture and people of this place, easier to integrate and avoid falling into awkward situations. At the same time, the itinerary design also helps tourists save time and have no headache about choices once arriving in Phu Quoc.

With diverse terrains, including forests and sea, the “Pearl Island” has a myriad of interesting destinations for tourists to choose, depending on personal preferences.

VinWonders entertainment complex: As an expanded version of Phu Quoc VinPearl Land, VinWonders is expected to have about 100 outdoor, underwater and indoor games. VinWonders is built on a model that has many similarities with DisneyLand when divided into 6 areas according to each different theme. This is also home to the largest water park in Vietnam’s Southwestern Region and the aquarium has the main tank in the top 5 largest tanks in the world.

Safari Park: If you love wild nature, this open zoo is a place that you should not miss. Safari Park is the home to more than 1500 individuals of 300 species.

Safari Park & VinWonders are a modern entertainment complex, suitable for families with young children and groups of young people.

Ham Ninh fishing village & craft villages: To get an insight about the life of local people, Ham Ninh fishing village and the craft villages of pepper making, fish sauce, etc. are the most suitable place. You can experience a day living as a citizen of the island district with many interesting activities such as fishing, visiting the winery, fish sauce factories, and directly tasting the specialties of the island district here.

Spiritual tourism: Despite being only a small island district, Phu Quoc has quite a few temples with unique architecture, representing the rich religious and spiritual life of the people here. Among them, the most famous place is Dinh Cau – where the festival takes place on October 15th and 16th of the lunar year, attracting a large number of tourists and local people to participate and learn about the customs here.

Spiritual tourism has a great attraction for tourists

Learn new and strange entertainment activities

In addition to famous places, to make the trip more interesting and unique, many tourists are also interested in new entertainment activities. Dai Beach meets this demand with the two trendy entertainment places – Corona Theater and Corona Casino Phu Quoc, both of them belong to Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc resort and entertainment complex.

Corona Theater offers a variety of spiritual activities to the audience

Corona Theater has lighting and sound systems that meet international standards and can accommodate more than 600 guests. Grade-A stars such as Quang Le, Dam Vinh Hung, Bang Kieu, Le Quyen, etc. have chosen here to hold personal shows and concerts, making Corona Theater become an ideal gathering place for music lovers who have high educational level and artistic taste.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is not only a simple entertainment activity, but also a place for East – West cultural exchange 

Meanwhile, Corona Casino is pioneering when being the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam. This is also the hottest entertainment activity in Dai Beach in particular and Phu Quoc in general since it is new to the majority of the public.

Luxurious Casino Phu Quoc space with an imported furniture system and a system of 8 games selected from hundreds of casinos around the world are distributed into 100 tables and 1000 slot machines. Whether it’s just simple visit or experience of games, Corona Casino is still a place to try and promise to bring exciting nights.