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“The return to glory” lucky draw

Marking the glorious return of Corona Casino Phu Quoc after Vietnam gained control over the Covid-19 pandemic and created a vibrant playground, from July 2 to August 2, 2020 a special lucky draw even for all card classes at Corona Casino will be held.

1 Special prize:  Ford Ranger car

1 First prize: IPhone 11 Pro Max 256G

1 Second prize: Ipad Pro 128G

2 Third prize: Voucher of VND 20 million in Slot/Table Game

Along with many prizes of Voucher of VND 10-15 million in Slot / Table Game

The program is attractive by no limit to the number of tickets participating in the lucky draw of each round and each player is entitled to receive multiple prizes in the draw.

Details of the event0.


1 – For every 668 points accumulated in the table/slot machine area during the point accumulation period, you will receive 01 ticket to participate in the draw.

2 – There is no limit to the number of tickets for each round

3 – Players SHALL go to the Corona redemption booth to redeem the tickets for the draw

4 – The Marketing staff will check and grant tickets to customers based on the accumulated points in the round. The lucky draw ticket will only be printed on the day of the event (August 2, 2020).

5 – A valid lucky draw ticket should state guest name, Corona membership card number, date of birth, date of printing as well as the seal of Marketing department..

6 – There is only 1 lucky box in this event. Participants must put their tickets in the box under the support and supervision of Marketing staff.

7 – The draw rounds will be held at the main stage area of Corona’s Eclipse Bar from 8:00 to  22:00 on August 2, 2020

8 – A total of three rounds with 12 prizes in each round in the following order:

20:00: 04 Fifth prizes and 01 Second prize will be drawn (Total of 05 prizes)

21:00: 03 Fourth prizes and 01 First prize will be drawn (Total of 04 prizes)

22:00: 02 Third prizes and 01 Special prize will be drawn (Total of 03 prizes)


1 – A participant may receive multiple prizes in a round, but he can only win one special prize during the event.

2 – Winners should be present at the main stage to receive the prize. If not, the CORONA management will proceed with the draw again until the new winner has been determined.

3 – Winners must present their membership cards and ID papers to Marketing staff for the purpose of confirming, comparing and receiving prizes.

4 – At the end of each round, all unsuccessful votes will be removed from the box and canceled

5 – All prizes will be received at Corona’s main cashier after the round ends except for the Special Prize – 01 Ford Ranger car, which will be handed over to the winner on the following business days in front of the main gate of Corona.

6 – All prizes are NOT transferable, exchanged for cash or kind. Corona will pay personal income tax (PIT) to winners with prizes valued at over VND 10,000,000 equal to 10% of the total excess value.

7 – Winners must receive their prizes within forty-five (45) days after the round ends. Otherwise, the prize will be canceled and 50% of the unclaimed prize value will be remitted into the state budget according to the promotion law.

8 – A promo chip is a chip that can only be wagered multiple times until the bet has been lost on all bets on all regular area games. Slots are valid for thirty (30) days from the redemption date (cannot be played in slot machines with dealer – ETG)

9 – Electronics rewards & Ford Ranger car are warranted by the supplier.

10 – Corona Casino reserves the right to change/cancel any of the terms/conditions of the event without prior notice. In the event of a dispute, all decisions of the Corona Management are final.