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The Jackpot winner of more than 1 billion revealed: What is Jackpot? How to play Jackpot


On November 27, Corona Casino recorded a lucky guest who won more than 1.3 billion VND through the jackpot game. Specifically, the lucky guest named Munsun Jung from Korea became the luckiest guest in the Jackpot game when he won the jackpot and received a prize of $ 1,313,988.40, equivalent to more than VND 1 billion.

Mr. Munsun Jung directly received more than VND 1 billion through the Jackpot game.

Receiving a great award, Mr. Jung said: “I am very pleased to receive this award. I often go to Corona Casino whenever I have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc to entertain and try my luck. I have not expected today I become such a lucky person”.

The total value of the award received by Mr. Jung.

Jackpot is a game that is not very difficult, mainly based on the luck of the player and presents in most casinos. Coming to the first casino for Vietnamese in Vietnam, you will experience the game in the system of 100 international standard machines.

Casino Phu Quoc would like to introduce to customers some information about Jackpot and how to play Jackpot

What is Jackpot?

According to some analysis Jackpot can be considered as slot game. Actually, slot game and jackpot are the same. Basically, they have the same gameplay, the same playing interface. Generally similar to 99%, only 1 difference between Jackpot and Slot game is the biggest reward. For many casino players, the “jackpot” is typical casino games. It is a dream of winning a huge reward.


Jackpot is understood as a game in which each time the player loses, the money amount will be added to the total value of that jackpot game. This amount is accumulated until someone wins, meaning that the last player who wins will receive the whole of the large amount depending on the number of previous players who have accumulated.

How to play jackpot

Usually, the game will have 3 or 5 columns containing different shapes. The boxes are set value of coins and place in each line for players to choose. If the player does not understand how to place the coin, they will be instructed.


After placing a coin, press the button “Spin” to spin or you can set the mode “Auto Play” to automatically spin. If there are 3 identical pictures on the screen on the same row from left to right, it means winning. The number of coins won in Jackpot depends entirely on the pictures appearing on the row. To know exactly how many coins are won, go to the payoff table to see the value of that spin.

In short, playing Jackpot is relatively simple, it is similar to the popular gambling games in casinos!