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The hottest places for dinning Phu Quoc “Pearl Island”


Phu Quoc is attractive not only by the beautiful natural landscape, but also by a rich culinary map. Coming to a short stay at “the Pearl of the Far East”, Corona Resort & Casino will be the ideal choice for you to fully enjoy the unique specialties.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is located on Bai Dai – the beach that was honored to receive the top title in the top 13 most beautiful beaches on the planet voted by famous travel magazines. Possessing a high purity of seawater and a diverse ecosystem when running through a part of the national forest, Bai Dai is naturally favored for the freshest air and the most delicious and nutritious dishes. Under the processing hands of top chefs at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, your taste is guaranteed to fully feel the original quintessence.

This resort-entertainment complex includes 6 of the best restaurants of international standards, bringing together all the culinary quintessence of the beautiful Pearl Island in particular and even reaching out to the world. Corona’s culinary menu scores thanks to the freshness of seafood, which is the strength of Phu Quoc. Especially, the richness of this high-class culinary party promises to satisfy every demand of dinners.

Asian Area: Azuma is imbued with Japanese taste and Bamboo & Bach Giai is imbued with Chinese taste

Sushi – A dish almost representing the cuisine of the “sunrise” country.

Japanese cuisine is famous near and far for its sophistication and strict eating rules, but these rules also make up its own appeal for dishes from the land of the rising sun.

Coming to Azuma, dishes are made with main ingredients as seafood, such as sushi or sashimi will blow a new wind, both familiar and strange when combining the standard processing method of the country of cherry blossoms with delicious and fresh seafood of Phu Quoc island district. The sophistication and elegance in harmony with this unique liberal aftertaste is sure to make you fall in love.

Fully enjoy unique Chinese cuisine right in Phu Quoc

Bamboo & Bach Giai capturing Chinese spirit will satisfy the most gourmet diners who have fallen in love with the world’s top diversified cuisine.

Throughout the history, Chinese cuisine has never stopped impressing the world by the diversity of regional culinary: Sichuan and Chongqing are famous for their spicy dishes, Beijing and Cantonese use soy sauce and five-spice powder in their well-known cuisine…
Coming to Corona Resort & Phu Quoc Casino, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the entire unique long-lasting cuisine within one single area.

European area: Atlantis delivers Italian cuisine, Fusion embraces European spirit, Avenue buffet is among the top modern ones

The boot-shaped country has been well-known for long not only as the capital of international fashion but also for a diversified cuisine

Vietnamese has got familiar with Italian cuisine when the dishes coming from the country of romance and arts win the people’s hearts as easily as the paintings or architecture of Italy do. Pasta or pizza becomes so popular, at Atlantis – the restaurant named after the ancient mythical city, diners will have the opportunity to further explore the essence of Italian indigenous cuisine, especially the interesting experience of tasting the varied cuisines of different regions in this country.

In particular, at Atlantis, the pizzas you enjoy may be different from any other pizza, when they are baked in a wood-fired oven in order to bring back the traditional flavors only available in Italy. Besides, the dessert menu with famous dishes well-known everywhere like gelato, tiramisu, … will have great appeal to children.

Luxurious space and delicate dishes combined with a number of typical cuisines of many countries are the culinary trend of Fusion restaurant.

Fusion offers you the space and feeling of sitting in an antique luxury restaurant located in a major boulevard of Paris or London.

The name of the restaurant comes from Fusion Cuisine, the culinary trend taking over the 80s of the twentieth century that allows chefs to create new dishes (or sets) by combining typical cuisines of many different countries.

If you are into creative experiences and new things, Fusion will be the first choice. In addition, the exquisite wine menu is the strength of the restaurant that you will find it impossible to ignore.

Come to Avenue and enjoy the themed buffet that will provide you with a unique and memorable experience

Buffet has been widely known as a type of catering in which you can eat whatever you want without following any order, but with Avenue Buffet, the buffet will be more refined with the menus designed specifically for each diner.

This is also the biggest unique feature of this modern restaurant. With hundreds of different dishes which follow their preferred seasons to ensure their delicate flavor and standard freshness, Avenue will be the ideal place for group gatherings or family travel by satisfying all the different demands of customers.

Come to Avenue and enjoy the themed buffet that will provide you with a unique and memorable experience!