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The first person to win CAR FORD RANGER

After the draw event published the luckiest player of Corona Casino on October 15, the owner of the FORD RANGER officially appeared.

On the evening of October 15, the crowd at Corona Casino shared the same excitement for the moment of drawing the lucky number to find the luckiest person. In particular, the event has found the lucky owner of “extremely hot” and valuable prizes including 01 FORD RANGER CAR, 03 IPhone XS MAX, 03 IPad Pro and 03 Apple Watch. This event attracted hundreds of participants including domestic and international tourists.

After the opening, the audiences participated in the most exciting part with a huge prize, a Ford Ranger car. The car are worth hundreds of millions dong, and Ford Ranger is also a hot name hunting by many people in the automotive market

The lucky draw was open and transparent at Corona Casino and the first lucky person was revealed. “What a big surprise for me and my family. Up to now, I am still excited and surprised ”, said by the winner during the lucky draw event.

With the aim of creating an ideal entertainment venue for everyone, Corona Casino is constantly offering many attractive incentives to players. From September 26 to December 15, 2019, Corona Resort & Casino organizes a special lucky draw for all players in the Casino.

Check out the lucky draw event at: https://casinocorona.vn/rut-tham-trung-thuong-dac-biet-duong-den-thinh-vuong/