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The criteria for the success of resort real estate investment


Resort real estate is in a bloom, however, not all project bring good investment outcomes. The following criteria will help investors have a good judgment before putting capital into a resort real estate model. 

Tourism is an important industry and has seen a strong development, becoming a spearhead sector in Vietnam’s economic development in recent years. That is the inevitable result thanks to the skillful combination of favorable time – favorable geography – favorable human.

Vietnam is blessed with many rich landscapes including pristine forests, long coastlines with many beaches with high purity of sea water, diverse vegetation and animals, etc.

In addition, the infrastructure system, in particular, traffic is constantly being improved and developed, becoming a great advantage to attract both domestic and foreign tourists. In particular, it will be a mistake not mentioning the islands which used be involved in difficulties of transport in the past, have suddenly become hot spots thanks to the direct flights, such as Con Dao, Phu Quoc, etc.

Phu Quoc is verduorus and rich, that’s why it is named “Pearl Island”.

The transport system is being upgraded, the service industry is being expanded with various types of entertainment to meet the increasingly diverse needs of tourists. Resort is a key trend, which is attractive in the provinces fostering the development of marine tourism. In consideration of putting your investment on resort real estate, especially beach resort real estate, investors should take into account two golden factors: location and pioneering.

Geographical location

For investment in resort real estate in general and coastal resort real estate in particular, location plays a very important role. It is a prerequisite for determining investment in a specific project. The investors should consider the typical criteria of the location, such as convenience of traffic? Is it near the sea or not? As a resort property, is this location quiet and comfortable at the same time?

Location has a great influence on the chance of success of a resort real estate project

Currently in Vietnam there are many provinces near the sea that are promoting tourism development. Phu Quoc, a small island district of Kien Giang, is also involved in this trend. The title of one of the most worth-to-try destinations in the fall of 2019 voted by CNN and it appears many times in the list of top beautiful beaches of world famous travel magazines, all giving the “Pearl Island” a great boost to attracting real estate investment.

In particular, Bai Dai is the most brilliant candidate for investment due to its original natural beauty and is protected from human interaction. On the other hand, moving from the airport to this beach only takes about half an hour, with easy and convenient traffic.

Blue sea, white sand, spacious atmosphere with many beautiful scenes are all necessary ingredients of an ideal vacation trip to Phu Quoc Long Beach

Bai Dai is spacious for visitors to enjoy the fresh air. It is quiet enough to stay away from the hustle and bustle but it still provides good access to entertainment activities. Therefore, many resort real estate projects have appeared in this area, with many familiar names such as InterContinental, Novotel, etc. The presence of the “big names” there shows the “prime” in its location. Bai Dai beach is very promising for investors when deciding to invest in resort real estate projects here.


Coastal resort real estate is mainly aimed at sub high-end, high-end and even super-high-end customers. As a result, their basic services like rooms and food are mostly 4-star high standard or above. This is an outstanding advantage that makes resort real estate different from other types of hospitality, but it is also a challenge to overcome if you want to compete and make a break through in the field.

So what is the key to making the resorts impressive to customers, so that visitors choose this instead of others? The answer is the pioneering and newness that the resort real estate complex brings to visitors’ experiences.

Tourism is about discovering new things, resort tourism is not an exception.

Developing an all inclusive (full-service) standard is the direction chosen by many resort properties, to “keep” visitors staying longer as well as to increase their chance of returning. When basic services have reached perfection, entertainment is the next area to deal with.

This is the right mindset as in many cities and provinces with developed marine tourism, entertainment activities, night entertainment are still limited compared to other types such as sightseeing tourism historic tourism or culinary tourism, etc.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc chooses to develop two types of spiritual entertainment, as they attract people to experience easier than physical entertainment.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is located at Bai Dai, invested by VinGroup, a typical example of the pioneer in the construction and development of new types of entertainment in the coastal resort real estate complex.

Inside this complex are Corona Theater and Corona Casino Phu Quoc. Corona Theater is the place where the concerts and shows of Class A artists take place. It is a form of entertainment that is both familiar and unfamiliar to the public. As a first step for building an exciting nightlife, Corona Casino Phu Quoc is a brand new feature, providing an outstanding experience to visitors.

With great demand from domestic tourists, Corona Casino Phu Quoc can guarantee great profit, and deserves consideration from investors.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc is the first casino to serve Vietnamese players in the Vietnamese territory, and is the pioneer in bringing this form of entertainment closer to the the Vietnamese. Its entry regulations are not too strict, which is one of its advantages. It quickly becomes a hot spot in Phu Quoc tourism and is earning huge profits (more than VND 600 billion in just the first half year of operation. This shows that the demand of tourists for new experiences in resort tourism is great enough for investors to believe in resort real estate and have new investment plans based on thorough research on market.