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The bridge and non-folding strategy (Paroli system) in Baccarat


In betting we see a very popular method. That is the folding method.

If you lose, the next time you will double the bet, lose again, triple, quadruple, etc. and so on with the expectation of getting back what was lost. If you’re lucky, you can win it again. However, this method may make you lose all quickly. Therefore, we introduce you a safer method of playing Baccarat, the non-folding strategy.

The bridge method in baccarat


Instead of trying to break the bridge with the folding method, you should follow it to make money. Of course, you first need to get a grasp of when the row comes out.

Here are the steps in this strategy:

Step 1: Observe the history to see if there is a Player or Banker row coming out of 6 or more games. If there is already a row like that, then there is a high chance it will repeat one or more times. Don’t think that if an occurrence comes out 10 times, it will change direction by the 11th time. In Roulette a number may occur 2 times in a row. Anything can happen, remember.

Step 2: Wait for Player or Banker row but this time you just need to see it out twice. Why wait for Banker or Player option to occur 2 times? Because it will be likely to occur more. If you keep betting at the Player, then the Banker alternately, the loss will be heavy.

Step 3: Start betting and winning the row.

The non-folding method in baccarat


If you use the folding method, you can spot one thing. It can be profitable for you in the short term. But if you are unlucky, which sooner or later happens, you may encounter the row. There are rows up to 30 times or more.

I myself also encountered such a row. I sat watching it occurred for 16 times and thought it would not continue. But actually it came out 14 more times. How can the folding strategy help be in those situations? Fortunately at that time, my fund was only $100, even if I wanted to break the bridge, there was no fund left. If I had the fund, I would have been… “in debt”. The folding method will only make you loose any profits you have earned before.

So do the opposite: follow the pattern to make money.

There are actually 2 basic types of patterns in Baccarat:

1 .Upward pattern. For example: BBBBBBBBBB or PPPPPPPPP.

  1. The pattern of BPBPBPBPBPBBP and other patterns.

A pattern may not necessarily be linear.

So when you grasp the pattern, you just follow to win all the row. It is a safer way to play Baccarat. Why spend $ 100 just to get $ 1 back? That is the deadly point of folding.

I want you to remember this as a verdict: when losing, don’t fold the bet to recover loss. It’s okay of it works. Otherwise, you have no way back!



Folding is what the house wants you to do. The irony is that on the Internet today there are many methods that advise people do so. In my opinion, the bridge method of playing Baccarat will be less risky, if the row ends, you should stop. In folding method, you stop when loosing all.

To be successful with casino in the long term, the method accounts for only 20%, fund management 20% and psychology 60%. When you lose money, accept it. Tell yourself that losing less is winning. However, it’s easier said than done. If you loose control easily, don’t play at casino!