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The best places to visit when coming to Phu Quoc


Located in the quietest sea in Vietnam, Phu Quoc has a rich ecosystem and favored by many tourists.

Phu Quoc is a beautiful islands located deep in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang province. In the southern waters of Vietnam, Phu Quoc- Vietnam’s largest island, is also the largest of the 22 islands here. Clear sea water, peaceful streams and many unique seafood are the great advantages of Phu Quoc tourism.

The North of Phu Quoc island is a rich land with primeval forests and rich flora and fauna and countless beautiful beaches hidden behind the forests. The north of the island is unspoiled nature. Journey to explore the north of the island included:

Khu Tuong pepper garden: Pepper in Phu Quoc is famous for its pungent aroma and rich in flavor than those grown in other countries. On the way from Duong Dong to Ganh Dau, you will see beautiful pepper gardens on the two sides of the road. After the tour, you can also buy some dried pepper as a gift for your loved ones.

Bai Dai beach

The name Bai Dai originates from the length of this beach, 15 kilometers of coastline stretching from Cape Ganh Dau to Cua Can.

Thanks to its geographical location in the northwest of the island, and close to the primeval forest area, the climate here is always cool, with wind from the sea blowing, making it an ideal destination for everyone.

Bai Dai is also honored to be ranked number one in the list of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the world by ABC News in 2008.

Although the rapid development of tourism is accompanied by the increase of hotels and resorts, partly affecting the landscape, most areas of Bai Dai in particular, Phu Quoc in general still retain intact.

Corona Casino


Built on the model of “all in one”, inside Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is the list of the most stunning facilities in the island district: accommodations with diversified rooms, cuisine and shopping centers, and theater with international standards of sound and light.

The appearance of Corona Casino – the first casino to serve Vietnamese players in the territory of Vietnam is pioneering, new and unique form of this entertainment has quickly attracted tourists, offering more entertainment options and contributing to diversifying the tourism face of the island district.

Vinwonders park


Vinwonders Phu Quoc has many games suitable for both adults and children. Expanded from Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc, VinWonders covers an area of 467,000 square meters – 2.3 times larger than Universal Singapore theme park and half the size of Hong Kong Disneyland Park. Its new additional area is 297, 000 square meters.

Corona theatre

On the same campus with Corona Casino is Corona Phu Quoc Theatre, the ideal place for music lovers. Representatives of the Corona theater said that it offers an international standard sound and light system, for a vivid surround sound experience. Its stage features advanced technologies and techniques.


Coming to Corona Theatre, the audience will enjoy the stunning performances by famous artists such as Dam Vinh Hung, Le Quyen, Bang Kieu, Lam Truong, Phi Nhung, Quang Le, etc.

Ganh Dau cape


The cape jutting out to the northwest sea of the island attracts visitors by the wild and typical natural beauty. From here you can see the maritime boundaries of Cambodia. Ganh Dau has a bow-shaped beach stretching 500 square meters. This is also a great place to enjoy seafood.

Watch sunset at Dinh Cau


Dinh Cau cape is a famous landscape in Phu Quoc. Watching the sunset at Dinh Cau is a must for any tourist traveling to Phu Quoc.