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Resort review criteria


One of the factors that cannot be ignored when planning a resort is the place to stay. Having too many choices sometimes “suffocating”, the following criteria will help you easily evaluate and peacefully enjoy a vacation at a high-quality resort. 

Resort location

Location plays an important role in choosing the hotel to stay during your trip. When coming to a new land, it is common sense to want to explore as many places as you can, including famous landmarks, areas, architecture or places, and even shopping malls or dining areas.

Therefore, choosing a resort with a convenient location, easy transportation, not too time consuming, and always available transportation will be much more beneficial and make your trip smoother. 

A beautiful resort location will make your vacation more perfect

It is the golden time for tourism in the southern seas of Vietnam due to the calm sea and the dry and warm weather. Among them, Phu Quoc in general and Dai beach in particular received the love of numerous domestic and foreign tourists thanks to the enchanting natural beauty.If staying at Dai beach, tourists should consider resorts near the sea to fully feel the splendid sunrise and sunset sceneries that makes the name of “Pearl Island”. For example, Radisson Blu is located in the resort-entertainment complex of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, staying at this 5-star resort will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the island district from above – a unique point.

Bright dawn from the point of view at Radisson Blu easily captivates people

On the other hand, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is fully located at Dai beach – the most beautiful beach on the planet, with a rich culinary map. It takes about half an hour to move from Phu Quoc airport to Dai beach, with convenient traffic.

Visitors can also easily rent means of transportation when they want to visit other famous places of the island district such as Dinh Cau cape, Ham Ninh fishing village, night market, etc. which are not too far away, achieving all the advantages of the location a resort should have.

Resort’s service quality

Service quality is also the main factor that helps tourists make the decision to choose a resort. For a vacation, comfort plays a key role. Some criteria you should keep in mind include: room direction, interior, free/paid utility listings, hygienic factors, and service staff attitude.

In the current technological development, this information can be easily found on the travel advice sites. For luxury resorts, they often build their own website system with richer and more complete information, sometimes with attractive promotions to facilitate customers to consider and make choices.

All amenities of a standard luxury resort are fully met at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc 

In the case of tourists who do not have much time, 5-star resort and entertainment complexes deserve the top priority because you will not have to think too much when booking. To achieve 5-star certification, resorts have undergone rigorous testing, as well as constantly striving to improve the service quality to maintain this 5-star quality.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is a typical example for a 5-star luxury resort. Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc’s accommodation system is divided into two main areas: Radisson Blu and VinOasis. VinOasis owns two types of room views: garden view and sea views, both bring a gentle green space and fresh air.

Radisson Blu is divided by level of luxury: Deluxe, Suite and Villa. Particularly for the Coastal Villa, guests will enjoy maximum tranquility with the detached villas, including swimming pool, sunken living room and garden, suitable for family vacations or large groups. . The interiors of these two accommodation systems are fully imported with high quality materials such as marble

Besides, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc has a rich list of accompanying services: benefits of access to the outdoor swimming pool, free gym, two-way airport shuttle – resort, diving club, etc.

Satellite utilities

The factor that makes the difference, attracts tourists as well as increases the competitiveness of each resort lies in the satellite utility system. If the geographical location is similar, the service quality is similar, visitors should consider unique pioneering satellite facilities, even without precedent to choose to stay at a certain resort.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is built in the model of a resort-entertainment complex which is currently a trend, with Corona Theater and Corona Casino bringing a new face to entertainment activities at “Pearl Island”, enriching and vibrating the night activities of the island district. Possessing a standard sound-lighting system, Corona Theater is the place to host countless A-grade stars for classy live shows and concerts, becoming a strange but familiar spiritual food, a unique musical experience and uplifting feelings for visitors during their stay at Dai beach.

Corona Theater can accommodate over 600 guests – an ideal music space for art lovers 

Traveling is to discover new things, Corona Casino Phu Quoc has met this criterion when it was the first casino open to welcome Vietnamese guests to play in the territory of Vietnam, being the pioneer and unique name at this point of time to bring casino entertainment closer to the public in the country.

Corona Theater can accommodate over 600 guests – an ideal music space for art lovers 

Phu Quoc Casino for Vietnamese to play this includes a system of 8 games, 100 tables and 1000 modern slot machines. Inside this luxurious space, there are an imported furniture system, a bar and a restaurant that stretches out and an independent swimming pool. Corona Casino’s entrance regulations are not too strict, making it easy for tourists to visit and experience the excitement when coming to Phu Quoc.