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Resort for a brilliant New Year with Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc Kien Giang

2020 has arrived, starting your new year with a vacation at the 5-star Corona Resort & Casino, located in the “resort paradise” Phu Quoc that will colorize your next 365 days. 

Going to a resort in Tet holidays is an increasing trend in recent years. Instead of gathering at home, many families choose to travel and explore as a “reward” after a hard-working year.

If you are a travel lover, Casino Phu Quoc Kien Giang – the favorite check-in place for many young people, as well as receiving “tons of appraisal” from famous Vietnam and international travel bloggers worth your review. The reason why? Coming to Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, you can simply enjoy the whole world in one Complex!

The Long Beach is highly-appreciated as the one on Top 13 most beautiful pristine beaches on the planet that could compare to Phuket, Bali, etc.

 “Full-throttle” shopping, full-taste cuisine!

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc has a great strength thanks to Almaz luxury commercial center. Built on a large area, Almaz includes a wide range of products, meeting the diverse shopping demands of visitors during their staying in the resort – entertainment creation complex. In which, the highlight is the chain of luxury products including fashion, cosmetics, etc. from the world’s top famous brands. The variety of items are enough for visitors to spend many days in the most comfortable conditions without leaving Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, saving travel time and enjoying more comfortable vacation.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc has a system of 10 restaurants and many multi-position bars. Restaurants with Asian – European menu, combined with fresh ingredients and materials during the day directly from the island district provide a unique taste experience, which can be found nowhere but Phu Quoc.

Subtle cuisine in Corona 

Casino Phu Quoc’s bar is not only a place for premium wines, cocktails particularly formulated or cool mojito, but also a gathering place for friends and a favorite check-in spot with trendy and luxurious design. Exceptionally, the rooftop bar at Radisson Blu provides visitors a panoramic view of the entire beautiful “Pearl Island” – an experience that never appeared in any other resort-entertainment complex.

Endless entertainment with Casino and Theatre Phu Quoc Kien Giang

People talked much about the nightlife in Phu Quoc, typically for its night market and squid fishing activities; however, at Casino and Theatre Phu Quoc Kien Giang, these concepts have been added with two completely new factors, bringing an interesting and refreshing entertainment experience that visitors never tasted before in island travel.

Corona Theater welcomed Vietnam and international top stars. The theater can accommodate over 600 guests and it includes the standard sound-light system; music lovers have the chance to meet and enjoy performances from popular singers such as Quang Le, Bang Kieu, Le Quyen, etc.

Corona Theater is a gathering place for music lovers that features civilized and colorful nights

Corona Casino is the first Casino open to Vietnamese in the territory of Vietnam. This pioneering position created Phu Quoc a great attraction. Visitors only meet some not-so-strict regulations such as 21 years old and over, polite dress-up, proof of their financial conditions to visit and experience the gambling games in Corona Casino. These game are all common and popular at casinos around the world as Poker, Blackjack, scratch cards, Roulette, etc.

Corona Casino possesses 100 tables and 1000 slot machines. The Casino consists of a luxurious bar and restaurant serving snacks and drinks.

Corona Casino – a glowing fortune place

Luxury stay on a mesmerizing and beautiful beach

Radisson Blu and VinOasis belongs to the Corona Resort & Casio with 1000-room accommodation system located at Phu Quoc Long Beach. This is the beach that was selected as one of the Top most beautiful beaches in the planet, thanks to its wild beauty and fresh climate. Built in the modern architecture, close to nature as much as possible, each room at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc has a spacious view, ocean-view and garden-view.

The accommodation system of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc covered by a vast green shade

Exceptionally, Radisson Blu , owns 10 luxury villas that creates absolute comfort and privacy. From Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc Complex, visitors can watch the splendid sunrise and sunset on the island district, while enjoying facilities such as fully imported furniture, free gym center, free swimming pool, etc.

Sports & Beauty Center

Understanding all the needs of visitors, Casino Phu Quoc Kien Giang can easy to meet the demands and impress. Inside this Complex there is a diving club for adults and the international standard VinPearl golf course as well. Casino Phu Quoc Kien Giang also has a luxury spa named Akoya Spa with advanced treatments from Japan, Thailand, etc. to help visitors prevent the signal of aging on their complexion and relax after a dynamic day in the island.

casino phú quốc kiên giang
The spacious environment and the gentle medicinal fragrance will relieve all stress and fatigue

Moreover, also in the Long Beach, visitors can try the snorkeling or kayaking, or simply walk on the smooth white sand and feel the diverse beauty of nature here. With dazzling beauty, combined with the attentive and friendly service, Phu Quoc in general and Corona in particular is the perfect destination for a family vacation.