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Resort – Casino Complex: The Trend of resort real estate business


The selection of entertainment services integrated resorts is forecasted to be the hottest trend in 2020.

The rise of resort – entertainment trend


Annually, about 14 million foreign tourists visit Vietnam. Meanwhile, there are 80 million domestic tourists, a record number compared to the last five decades. For the first time, in only 11 months of 2019, the number of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam hits a record of nearly16.3 million. The total income from foreign tourists is estimated to reach 649,000 billion dong, which increases by 16.3% compared to the same period last year. As life becomes increasingly busier, scheduling a trip involving eating and stay for yourself and your family makes you lose unworthy time and expenses. Therefore, the debut of resort and entertainment complexes incredibly appeals to tourists and quickly becomes a fresh travel trend.


These complexes provide holiday packages that tourists only have to “pay reasonably” one time for all services in a class resort complex. In such complexes, tourists will not have to worry about any issues from the stay to leisure centers.

Corona Resort & Casino: the top resort and entertainment complex in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino has been on the way to becoming one of the complexes that receive widespread attention from tourists. After 1 year of operation, Corona Resort has become a familiar place when visiting Phu Quoc.

Coming to Phu Quoc Corona Resort & Casino, tourists can enjoy comforts from two 5-star Radisson Blu Hotels, a 4-star Vin Oasis Hotel, and many other comforts under the complex such as Corona Theater and series of European Standard conforming bars and restaurants.


Moreover, in the last year, Corona has become one of the top leisure centers as it organizes big live shows every month at the Corona Theater, the most modern Theater in Phu Quoc so far.

In just one year, a series of hottest stars in Vietnamese Showbiz has been present at the Corona Theater, and entertained tourists and the locals.


The nightlife is an indispensable part of traveling. Tourists can visit the Corona Casino which is opened for the Vietnamese to play in Vietnam for the first time. “Casino owning over 400 casino tables, 1,000 slot machines, space of 18,800 m2, along with a bar, and imported interiors will leave tourists many memorable experiences,” the Corona Casino Representative said.