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Receive HOT travel vouchers in Phu Quoc in “Singing Man” live show

“Singing Man” is a live show of Tung Duong and Van Mai Huong, the most popular couple of singers for the time being. The live show will be held at Corona Theater on April 30. Audience will have chance to enjoy the famous songs that have made the artists’ names and receive many attractive gifts.

The live shows of top artists in Vietnamese showbiz held at Corona theater have captured not only audience’s hearts but also sponsors’ attention. It can be said that the sponsors have contributed significantly to the success, reputation and position of these live shows. This time, ATRIP Phu Quoc will be one of the three official sponsors of the live show named “Singing man” to give the audience many interesting surprises.

In particular, the audience participating in the minigame organized by Corona Theater and having correct prediction results will receive a pair of vouchers to visit the South of Phu Quoc Island valued VND 500,000 /voucher. A number of vouchers are waiting for being picked up by the guests attending the live show. So, you are very close to the opportunity to explore 5 islands, Hon Thom cable car and beautiful Sunset Sonato at extremely attractive prices just by choosing right answers.

Especially, 5 travel vouchers valued VND 2,000,000 /voucher will be given to the 5 luckiest audiences in the live show on April 30. If you are a big fan of music and multi-experience travel, come and enjoy to receive surprising gifts!

With diverse tourism products, a dedicated and enthusiastic team, ATRIP Phu Quoc will help visitors explore the entire beautiful Pearl Island, earning your trust and confidence.