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On the occasion of the new year 2022, a music show called “Tet Phat Tai” is held on 4 February, the 4th day of the Lunar New Year. 

Corona is known as a luxury tourist area, where visitors can fully experience an international standard resort, a legal casino, diverse cuisine, top-notch music performance. It is also a venue to hold major music events such as: “We are brothers” live show with the participation of male singer Ho Quang Hieu and Ngoc Anh The Voice; “When a man sings” live show by with the participation of male singer Tung Duong; etc,…

At 19:30 on 4 February, the 4th day of the Lunar New Year, male singer Quang Ha will gather Van Mai Huong, Vietnam Idol runner-up, in “Tet Phat Tai” live show held on the stage of Corona Casino. This is one of the greatest events of the year that Corona Resort & Casino would like to give the audience. 

Born in a family with a musical tradition, after being a singer for 20 years, Quang Ha has always been a choice of show organizers until now. However, he is quite picky to accept invitations to perform. That’s why “Tet Phat Tai” show is special. Male singer Quang Ha has been well-known among Vietnamese audience thanks to a number of songs like: Never forget (Duc Thinh), Confused (Khac Viet), Thuy Du Song (composed by Musician Anh Bang from Du Tu Le’s poetry), etc,…

Meanwhile, with her outstanding talent, female singer Van Mai Huong has gained significant achievements and a large number of fans eventhough she is pretty young. Being the runner-up of Vietnam Idol 2010, Van Mai Huong has fully grown up and proved her capability, her experience on performing in major stages, and her excellent performing skills. The singer of “Proposal” has always captured the audience’s hearts whether performing on a large stage or a small one.

Before the event, both Quang Ha and Van Mai Huong are looking forward to their reunion on the stage of Pearl Island Phu Quoc. Both singers have had excellent solo performances on many different live shows and stages, but with this reunion, the two singers will definitely bring a special surprise for the audience.

In particular, MTV band, Phuong Viet Dance Group, MC Thanh Giang, and Director Minh Khang are also going to participate in this live show. “Tet Phat Tai” live show held in a classy space with great sound and light of Eclipse Bar stage inside Corona Casino will be a great event for the audience to experience sublime emotions with top notch music.
Đừng bỏ lỡ chuyến du lịch đầu năm đến hòn đảo xinh đẹp Phú Quốc và cơ hội thưởng thức liveshow ca nhạc khó quên “Tết Phát Tài” nhé. Liên hệ hotline +84 297 222 8888 để nhận vé liền tay. 

Don’t miss the first trip of the year to Pearl Island Phu Quoc and the opportunity to enjoy “Tet Phat Tai”, an unforgettable music concert. Contact hotline +84 297 222 8888 to receive tickets.