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CORONA CASINO is the first casino in Vietnam that allows Vietnamese to play. To express our gratitude to the domestic visitors who have always supported Corona Casino in the past and in the future, we would like to organize “WEEKLY MONEY SHOWER AT CORONA” program exclusively for Vietnamese customers from 12 January 2022 to 6 February 2022.

Each guest visiting the casino during the above period will receive 1 ticket to Weekly Money Shower Program. Total prizes are valued up to 2,000,000,000 VND


I. Brief on the program



TTime for obtaining tickets to participate in the program: 12/01/2022 – 06/02/2022

 Main event

+ Weekly round 1: 19/01/2022

+ Weekly round 2: 26/01/2022

+ Weekly round 3: 02/02/2022

+ Weekly round 4: 06/02/2022 (Special round)

Total prizes: VND 2,000,000,000/04 weeks/30 players. In which,

+ 03 weekly rounds: VND 500,000,000/week/05 players

+ 01 Special Round: VND 500,000,000 + “Jackpot” amount accumulated from the previous weeks/15 players


Main stage: Ellipse Bar main stage of Casino Phu Quoc resort complex (CORONA). 

Redemption area: CORONA main cashier.

Redemption area: CORONA main cashier.

II. Program details and rules


1. Conditions for participation:

This program applies to Vietnamese players only: During the program, 01 Levy ticket will be exchanged for 01 lucky draw ticket for a chance to participate in the weekly Money Shower program on 19/01, 26/01, 02/02 & 06/02/2022.

2. How to receive a ticket to participate in the program

Step 1: Customers go to CORONA Reward counter to obtain tickets to join the Program or follow our Marketing staff’s instructions.

Step 2: Marketing staff checks customers’ Levy tickets & IQ system to print out tickets for joining the Program. (The ticket includes customer’s name, date of birth, membership card number, date of issuing the ticket, and is sealed with the stamp of the marketing department). Marketing staff update all customer information in a list of customers attending the Program.

Step 3: Customers put their tickets into a draw box of the program located at PIT 1/2 area (or follow our Marketing staff’s instructions) from 12/01/2022. The draw box will be closed 15 minutes before the main event.

3. Money Shower Event

There will be VND 500,000,000 placed in 1 box for each weekly round. After each weekly round ends, the remaining amount will be carried forward to the special round on the last Sunday of the event on 06/02/2022.

Amount placed in the box for each weekly round.

Par value Number of notes Total value Cơ hội bắt được
5,000,000 50 250,000,000 10%
2,000,000 50 100,000,000 10%
1,000,000 75 75,000,000 15%
500,000 75 37,500,000 15%
200,000 125 25,000,000 25%
100,000 125 12,500,000 25%
Total 500 500,000,000 100%


At the special round: The amount left in the box after the special round ends will be counted & divided among the 5 players with the best performance as follows:

3.1/ First prize: 50% of the remaining amount in the box.

3.2/ Second prize: 25% of the remaining amount in the box

3.3/ Third prize: 15% of the remaining amount in the box

3.4/ Fourth – fifth prize: 5% of the remaining amount in the box for each 

In case 2 or more players obtain the same amount, the ranking will be based on the number of notes with higher par value (Main Criterion), and then on the rule of hitting cards (Secondary criteria) (in which, Ace is the lowest card & K is the highest).

How to play:

– For each daily entrance ticket purchased during the program period, you will receive 1 ticket to participate the Money Shower Event held every Wednesday night

– The organizer selects players based on the lucky draw results before each round. In each week/special round, each player can only take one turn. In case any player has more than 1 winning ticket or a winning player does not show up on the stage within 60 seconds after being called, the winning ticket will be withdrawn and the draw will be repeated until a new winning player is found.

– Players will be blindfold and have to take money out of the box within 60 seconds, players will be required to stand up straight to take money and not allowed to lean against the wall, not allowed to use bags, baskets, or not allowed to put the money which has been taken out in pockets of shirts or pants…Players will use their hands only to keep the money they’ve caught. Otherwise, the player will be disqualified immediately

– The amount caught by a participant after 60s shall be given to a Marketing staff to be counted before being converted into promotional tokens or inconvertible checks to play slot machines at the main cage equivalent to the taken amount.

– The ticket box will close 15 minutes before the main event. After the entire event is over, all non-winning tickets will be removed from the box & destroyed.

4. Notes:

– Only applicable for Vietnamese customers from 12/01/2022 to 06/02/2022

– Prize redemption: In case the prize amount has a change of less than 200,000 VND, that change will only be converted into non-convertible slot tickets. In case the amount divided among the 5 players with the best performance after the special round has a change of less than 50,000 VND, that change will be donated & accumulated to the winner of the 15th prize.

– The money in the box has no currency value but its value can be redeemed & used for ranking players in the event. It will be destroyed when the event ends.

– Each eligible player has the right to nominate another player to participate on behalf of him/her.

– Promotional chips (VND) and inconvertible slot vouchers (VND) cannot be directly converted into cash, are non-transferable and applicable to all games at common area. Promotional chips can be wagered multiple times until lost, cannot be exchanged for cash or inconvertible chips. Inconvertible checks to play slot machines are valid for 30 days after being issued.

– CORONA will cover personal income tax of 10% of the total exceeding amount for the winners of the event (up to VND 199,000,000) whose winnings are VND 10,000,000 or more.

– Corona Management reserves the right to modify/cancel any terms & conditions of the event without advance notice. In case of any dispute, the decision made by Corona Management will be final.

For any questions related to the program or further support needed, please contact directly to Hotline +84 297 222 8888 for support.

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We are pleased to welcome you,

See you again in Corona Casino Phu Quoc!