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Roulette is a game with a spinning ball on a wheel on which there are 37 compartments of numbers from 0 – 36 in the order of 18 black numbers and 18 red numbers arranged alternately on the wheel ring. Zero is a green number and is bet like any other number.



  • Cash chips and color chips are both used in roulette.
  • Cash chips can be redeemed at the table or at the cashier.
  • Playing color chips will distinguish different players on the same table and color chips will be valid only on that standalone board.
  • When changing color chips, different players will be exchanged for different colors on the same game board.
  • The nominal value of chips will normally be the minimum bet value on the game table. But Color Chips can also be redeemed for a higher denomination upon request.
  • Color chips must be exchanged for Cash Chips at the end of a game or when transferred to another game table.
  • Cash chips are accepted at any gaming table in the casino area.

For more details on the game of Roulette, please ask any employee in charge of the Roulette table.

How to play

  • Use Chips to bet on any independent number or combination of numbers that you consider lucky on the game board.
  • The game operator will help you place bets on the numbers on the table if requested and you must ensure that the bets are placed as required.
  • The game operator will hit the ball on the wheel.
    At this time you can still place bets until the game operator make signals to no longer place.
  • After the ball falls on one of the numbers on the wheel, the game operator announces the winning number and places a dolly on the middle number on the game board.
  • Winning bets are retained on the game table for settlement after the game operator has collected lost bets.

Payout table

Bet in Note Payout rate
Straight bet A Put a single number including 0 1 pays 35
Separate bet B Place 2 adjacent numbers on the table 1 pays 17
Bet 3 numbers C Bet 3 numbers in the same row 1 pays 11
Corner bet. D Place 4 adjacent numbers on the table 1 pays 8
Bet 4 initial numbers D Bet 4 numbers (0,1,2 and 3) 1 pays 8
Bet 6 numbers D Place 6 adjacent numbers on the table 1 pays 5
External bets Note Payout rate
Betting column F Row of 12 numbers on a horizontal row 1 pays 2
Bet on groups of 12 consecutive numbers G Include 3 betting areas in which the base consists of 12 numbers 1 pays 2
Include 3 betting areas in which the base consists of 12 numbers H Including Even, Odd, Red, Black, Big and Small 1 pays 1

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