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Phu Quoc: The bright star on the tourist map of Vietnam


Only in the first 8 months of 2019, the number of tourists coming to Paradise Pearl Island has reached 3.44 million. It is not difficult to explain the attraction of “Pearl of the Far East” when this beautiful island district owns up to 3 of the most: the most beautiful beaches, the richest cuisine and the most high-class resorts.

Wild and beautiful natural landscape

The beauty of Phu Quoc impresses visitors with its high originality – a remarkable difference from Bali or Phuket, which has long been famous in the area. The landscape still remains intact the lines of nature, has not undergone too much human intervention of Phu Quoc, which is also consistent with the tourism trend that takes nature as the mainstay in recent years, quickly forming attraction to both domestic and international tourists.

As an island district, Phu Quoc does not lack beautiful beaches for people. Bai Truong with a total length of more than 20km, divided by rocky rapids and a looming fishing village has a peaceful beauty, suitable for those who want to learn deeply about the life of the inhabitants of the island. Liking Ordinary and simple and rustic atmosphere.

Or Bai Sao, Bai Khem with creamy smooth white sand, Bai Vong where visitors can admire the splendid night sea view while enjoying the famous Ham Ninh crab, or experience in fishing night squid – one of the interesting activities can only be found in Phu Quoc.

Bai Dai – one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, pure sea water, fresh air, peaceful and fully equipped, is one of the top attractive beaches of Phu Quoc.

Near and far famous cuisine

Possessing a clean and favorable environment from mother of nature, Phu Quoc is not only a place for tourists to immerse themselves in the clear blue water or dive to see coral, but also a paradise for seafood aficionados.

The pure Phu Quoc beach gives the Pearl Island’s seafood a distinctive and delicious taste. It is difficult to leave without trying the sea nettle – a dish is”Original” to Phu Quoc, fresh and crispy sea scallop, or snail, a familiar dish but strange with a thickness and aroma of meat

Sea urchin – an indispensable specialty on the culinary map of any visitor who has had the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc
Ca island district in Phu Quoc is among the richest in the country, when both abundant in variety and variety for quality. Among them, the most famous are herring salad and grilled grouper.

Besides seafood, Phu Quoc also surprises diners with equally abundant flora. Indigo mushroom soup is a common appetizer found in gourmet menus when visiting here, along with a rich aroma of sim wine, sweet taste mixed with little acrid nowhere to be found but only Phu Quoc has. This diverse culinary map is also one of the reasons why many people remember “Paradise Pearl Island”.

Resort system 5 * standard, most comfortable

Talking about the accommodation service system, Phu Quoc also deserves to be in the top. Ngoc Island currently attracts more than 50 investment brands, including many world-famous names such as Movenpick, JW Marriott, … making Phu Quoc a bright name when it comes to resort tourism.

The lavish rooms with imported furniture, many free utilities and professional staff of the 5 * complex are the strengths that make Phu Quoc tourism shine.
Corona Resort & Casino resort – entertainment complex Phu Quoc is located in a prime location, Bai Dai is a standard destination when it has all the elements for a perfect vacation: luxurious rooms, high-class restaurants, endless entertainment with theater complex, Water parks, casinos, …

Resort tourism is becoming a trend, in which professional service with breakthroughs becomes the main factor to attract tourists coming and coming back to Phu Quoc. The resort system at “Pearl of the Far East” is mostly built in the direction of harmony with nature, is a perfect combination between modernity and wild beauty, different from tourist resorts with conditions similar geography.

No other complex in the marine tourism area has owned a casino inside the complex – that proves the appeal of Corona Resort & Casino is enormous. Not only that, Corona Casino is also the first casino to allow Vietnamese people to play in the territory of Vietnam.

With great potential and a long-term development strategy, Phu Quoc has made amazing growth in just 3 short years with a growth rate of up to 141% in tourism, bringing the island district ahead of Da. Da Nang, becoming the most attractive destination in Vietnam and leading the Asia-Pacific region.