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Phu Quoc – Paradise for beautiful and classy photo albums

As one of the top tourist attractions not only for Vietnamese but also for foreigners, Phu Quoc has everything you need to take “million likes” photo albums of the spectacular natural scenery, special dishes and the luxury five-star resorts.

That is the reason why two girls who own the famous photo album on social networks recently chose Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) to be their tourist destination to celebrate their 11-year friendship. Famous for its rich tourism resources, when coming to Phu Quoc, you just need to bring your camera with. Every photo taken randomly is beautiful as each corner here is a stunning scene.

Even check-in photo at the airport can be “luxurious”.

Thuy Dung, the owner of the photo album, embarked on the trip of 4 days 3 nights. Starting from Ba Ria – Vung Tau, travel costs her only about 1 million dong (similar to Ho Chi Minh City, while in Hanoi, the cost ranges from 2 million VND/person). As it is not a peak tourist season, Phu Quoc is not too crowded, the climate is clean and suitable for relaxation.

A photo of a very splendid sunset in Phu Quoc

So coming to Phu Quoc, what places should you visit? Being close to the sea, the island offers beautiful landscapes for you to “roam” including Hon May Rut, Hon Gam Chi, Hon Mong Tay, Hon Thom, etc. Each location has its own unique scenery for you to explore.

The two girls paid attention to details in each shot.

One of the important things in every trip is the accommodation. Phu Quoc provides a wide range of accommodation options. Thuy Dung chose a resort with the price of VND 2.8 million/3 nights. However, if you want to have even greater experiences, high-end entertainment and resort complexes, which is the current trend, are worth your consideration.

With a large restaurant system with a global cuisine and diverse entertainment activities such as Casino, Theater, Golf Course, Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc deserves the title of “Las Vegas of Vietnam”.


World-class famous dishes can also be easily found here

According to Thuy Dung, the total cost of the two girls’ trip is about 6 million dong/person, which is affordable for most young people. With the constantly developing service and convenient transportation, Phu Quoc becomes an ideal destination for your October traveling season