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Phu Quoc in the tourist season, save the top of the most beautiful and enchanting check-in locations only in Paradise Pearl Island

Top 4 địa điểm check-in đẹp độc mê hồn chỉ có tại Đảo Ngọc - Phú Quốc

To be called “Pearl island of the Far East”, Phu Quoc owns a list of glistening beautiful and super unique landscapes. Where is the place you must definitely go in the golden season of Paradise Pearl Island tourism? Refer now! 


Hon Thom Telepheric connects from An Thoi town to Hon Roi and Hon Dua islands and ends at Hon Thom island. This “Silk Road” is not only a type of movement but can also be considered the pride of Phu Quoc when possessing an international record – the longest Telepheric is in the world.

Hon Thom Telepheric can be compared to a “sky line” – an impressive and fascinatimg sky road

Hon Thom Telepheric system has a total length of up to 7899.9m, far from the ground is about 800m. Voted by CNN itself as one of the best activities to try when coming to Phu Quoc, in 15 minutes sitting on the Hon Thom Telepheric, visitors will have the opportunity to look at admire oneself the clear blue sea water, the stretches of fine sand, Pristine rock rapids and fishing villages of East Asian style.

Check-in on Hon Thom Telepheric, and far away is a beautiful natural landscape that will bring you unique “million likes” photos, mixed with a little thrilling sense of adventure


Phu Quoc is famous as a resort paradise, but that does not mean this island district is rejecting adventurous tourists. In particular, Phu Quoc National Park will be the ideal destination for those who love to explore.

Few people know that Phu Quoc National Park actually accounts for 70% of the island’s area,it is  wider than 31,000ha

The system of vegetation, canals, streams and mountains full of tropical forest characteristics will surely surprise you with its richness and majestic pristine beauty.

The itinerary to conquer Phu Quoc National Park is also rated at an average level, enough for people who do not have too much experience to participate. With road, the total length of the road through Phu Quoc national forest is 90km, including 12 bridges that need to be crossed. As for tourists who like to “travel” by motorbike, you can choose another route: the route is from Ham Ninh to Bai Thom about 50km long.

Big old trees make people to take breath away with the marvellous of nature

Be Tired of bathing in sea? Trying to bathe in streams in Phu Quoc National Forest is also an interesting wind changing experience


Dinh Cau is the most famous spiritual destination on Paradise Pearl Island, located on the rocky cliff facing the sea, about 200m west of Duong Dong town, built in 1937.

The palace worships Cau Quy, Cau Tai and the Ngoc Lord ladyship, associated with legends praying for peace for seafarers. These are real characters in Central Vietnam, derived from the cult of worshiping Ngoc Princess and her two sons. Especially on October 15-16 of the lunar calendar, this place also opens a big festival, attracting a large number of attendees.

Coming to Dinh Cau, visitors also have more opportunities to immerse themselves in the natural landscape. Dinh Cau Cape is the most beautiful sunset viewing place of Phu Quoc island district with calm sea water, majestic horizon and vast sky.


Finally, it will be a mistake to come to Phu Quoc without visiting the 5 * resort complexes – one of the bright spots that makes the island district comparable with international sea tourism paradise. As a part of the complex selected for the “World Tourism Oscar” – World Travel Award 2019, every scene of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is worthy for you to produce check-in photos ” luxury – genuine – smooth “.

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is designed in a modern and classy style, while still in harmony with the natural landscape, giving visitors a different unique experience.

Inside this world-class resort complex, in addition to the 4 * VinOasis and 5 * Radisson Blu standard accommodation systems, it is a paradise of conveniences. Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc includes a system of 10 restaurants bringing together the world’s culinary elite, one of the most luxurious rooftop SkyBar, golf courses designed by IMG – the world’s leading company in the courtyard construction field for this royal sport, and a Corona Theater – where the top stars of Vietnam and Korea have come to perform.

Corona Theater with the leading lighting and sound system in the area, is the pride of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc located at Bai Dai beach.

The most special is the appearance of the first Casino in the Vietnamese territory allowing Vietnamese to play. Area up to nearly 20,000m2 with 400 roulette tables, 1000 slot machines, the scale of Corona Casino is not inferior to other popular casinos in the region like Macao or Hong Kong.

Check-in at “Las Vegas of Vietnam” is sure to be the most unique and unforgettable experience for visitors who have visited Phu Quoc island district.