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Outstanding casinos in Asia


Despite having not been a symbol like “red and black Cathedral” as Las Vegas in the United States, there are many casinos in Asia that make visitors admire their lavishness and excitement.

Casino entertainment has appeared from a long time ago and attracted players around the world for many reasons: high stimulus, simple rules, big rewards, etc. Therefore, casino has quickly developed and casino business is even considered as an industry that makes an important contribution to economic development in some countries and territories.

Casinos are usually built in developed areas for tourism, luxury hotels and resorts, or near famous landmarks, etc. Targeting to near-high-end, high-end and even super-class customer segments – who have certain qualifications and aesthetic abilities, most of casinos focus on design, exuding the elegance, modernity and meticulousness to every detail.

Casinos in the Asian region are not exceptions, along with the dotted Asian culture that makes these casinos not only serve entertainment purposes, but have become interesting and unique destinations for tourists.

In Asia, when it comes to casinos, it cannot mentioning Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. 


Macao deserves to be the top name when it comes to casinos in Asia. On this humble territory, casinos flourish and seem to have become a prominent feature of Macao. It is also home to the world’s largest casino called the Venetian Macao, built on the prototype of Las Vegas’ The Venetian casino. Venetian Macao Complex is also the largest hotel structure in Asia.

Overwhelming splendor of Venetian Macao 

Venetian Casino has an area of 51,000m2 and is divided into 4 playing areas: Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix, including more than 3400 machines and 870 gambling tables – a “huge” number showing the scale and class of this world’s largest casino. The Venetian Casino has the Paiza Club dedicated to serving high-end guests. The club has a private entrance to the main hall and an elevator system that takes guests to the rooms.

The playing area is divided into small gambling rooms named after famous Asian landmarks such as Yunnan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Here, there is also a private dining area 24 hours a day for guests to play.

The Venetian Macao’s architecture is also the pride of not only the casino but also the entire territory – walls and ceilings of the Venetian are decorated with Italian frescoes and lifelike replicas of a bridge in Venice to welcome visitors.

Inside the resort and casino, there is also a canal that flows through suites with ceilings that are simulated blue skies with very high fidelity. To travel on these canals, visitors will use the Gondola boats which are a unique culture in Venice or Chinese shanban boats. In addition to entertainment and business, this work also has a very high artistic value and has received much praise from prestigious travel magazines.


The Lion Island is also famous for its casino business. Marina Bay Sands is the leading casino in terms of attraction in Singapore, with an area of 15,000m2 and a system of super modern equipment.

The most distinctive feature of Marina Bay Sands is the location – the casino is located on top of three buildings and looks like a giant spaceship. This bold design is praised as “changing the horizon” and has become one of the island’s most iconic and attractive tourist attractions.

Visiting Marina Bay Sands is rated as one of the must-have experiences when visiting Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is the casino that never sleeps – it is opened around the clock in all weekdays. The number of devices here is also overwhelming, with a total of 1600 slot machines.

This casino is a favorite entertainment place for VIPs coming to the Marina Bay Sands resort complex, and has a luxurious architecture, sparkling golden, diverse satellite amenities with perfect quality.


Corona Casino is located on Phu Quoc’s Dai Beach, which is one of the growing tourist destinations in recent times, competing and promising to surpass the well-known names, such as Phuket or Bali. The most unique feature of Corona Casino Phu Quoc is that this is the first casino opened to Vietnamese guests to play in Vietnam.

Previously, in our country, there were 5 casinos licensed to operate, but serving foreign customers only. The launch of Corona Casino is considered to be much more convenient for Vietnamese guests, bringing this form of entertainment closer to the public, thereby promoting tourism at “Pearl Island” and bringing back cash flow that Vietnamese people pour into casinos around the world every year and return to their “home yard”.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc deserves to be in the list of top casinos in the region today

Casino Phu Quoc is constructed in the style of modern Western architecture with magnificent chandeliers in classical style, combined with the entire imported interior system to create a luxurious and sophisticated overall. Built on an area of over 18,000 square meters, the second most modern casino in Vietnam also quickly takes the lead in the trend of utility integration. Inside the casino, there are many restaurants, bars & lounges, as well as an independent outdoor swimming pools.

Corona Casino Phu Quoc holds all the factors to become a successful project: prime location, novelty and 5-star service quality

Corona Casino has 8 trending games, 100 tables and 1000 slot machines – a not too big gap with major casinos in the same region, and will continue to expand in phase 2 to increase competitiveness. This casino is also opened 24/7 with a professional, friendly and enthusiastic staff, meeting the maximum entertainment needs of visitors.