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Opening the first sleepless super resort complex in Vietnam


The North of Phu Quoc Island, which has already attracted visitors by the Corona Resort & Casino complex including a number of top-notch facilities, is now even more bustling with the opening of Phu Quoc United Center – The first sleepless super resort complex in Vietnam.

On the death anniversary of Hung Kings on March 10 (April 21), Phu Quoc United Center will officially open. With a scale of more than 1,000 hectares, thousands of entertainment and resort facilities, and the shopping area operating 24/7, Phu Quoc United Center will be the top sleepless super complex in Vietnam; promising to make Phu Quoc become a “new international destination” in Asia together with other tourism ecosystems in the North of Phu Quoc island.

With a total investment of more than VND 66 trillion, Phu Quoc United Center is developed under an “all-in-one” amenity model, including: Corona Casino – The first casino for Vietnamese people in Vietnam, VinWonders theme park, Vinpearl Safari semi-wild zoo, Grand World sleepless city, Vinpearl Golf of 18 holes… With the ecosystem of thousands of amenities and incredible entertainment facilities, Phu Quoc United Center gives visitors opportunity to experience the top unprecedented complex of entertainment – recreation – relaxation – discovery in Vietnam.

Beside the opportunity to try luck all day and night at Corona Casino – the first 5-star casino in Vietnam allowed Vietnamese people, visitors also have chance to enjoy spectacular live shows and concerts delivered by top famous artists in Vietnamese showbiz. In addition to iconic “check-in” points, a number of local festivals such as Nghinh Ong Festival, Nguyen Trung Truc Festival, Boat Racing Festival and vibrant colorful carnavals from Thailand, India, USA, Germany, Mexico… are organized in this super complex.

Corona Casino is one of the sleepless venues in Phu Quoc

All facilities operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, creating a bustling circle and endless energetic festival space like famous sleepless cities in the world. In the near future, Phu Quoc will soar to become a global tourism destination. Set a date to explore Ngoc Island right this summer!