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Meritorious artist Hai Phuong plays the dan tranh (16-chord zither) and the dan bau (monochord) at “Xom nho tinh que” live show of Quang Le at Corona Theater, Phu Quoc


“Xom nho tinh que” live show marks unique cooperation between male singer Quang Le and meritorious artist Hai Phuong who has been attached to the dan tranh for 45 years, the first stage performance at Corona Theater, Phu Quoc.

Quang Le is a name familiar to audiences who are interested in Bolero music, he has countless sweet songs about love and homeland associated with his singing career. “Xom nho tinh que” live show, as the name suggests, promises that it will bring close lyrical space and pleasant and subtle emotions to music lovers when going to Corona Theater, Phu Quoc on November 30, in the presence of a special guest – meritorious artist Hai Phuong who has “animated” and kept the fire of music during the last decades.

Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong – who has devoted her life to music, with the beloved zither and the monochord of the nation

Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong was born in a family with a tradition of music, and was exposed to ethnic musical instruments from a very young age. Mother of Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong is Elite Teacher – famous zither artist Pham Thuy Hoan, who taught and lit her flame of love for zither. The female artist soon revealed her natural talent in this field and was well trained with the old names in the music industry, such as Prof. Tran Van Khe – the great tree of Vietnamese national music. To date, Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong has spent 45 years attaching to the sound of the zither, making this sound as familiar as her breath.

As an artist, Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong always desires to preserve and spread the quintessential characteristics of national music to the world. During her journey, she has brought the zither to more than 20 countries around the world, and was honored to perform at international music events such as the Asian Music Festival (2000), the Festival Vietnam Festival in Japan (2001), etc. The sweet sound and excellent performance techniques of the artist Hai Phuong have successfully fascinated music-loving audiences, even in the most demanding markets such as the United States.

Artist Hai Phuong’s music playing talent brings a subtle variation – when low, high, when loud, when deeply intense, touching all levels of audience emotions.

Not only dedicating herself to the career of bringing ethnic music to friends in the five continents and obtaining remarkable achievements, Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong also directly teaches at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music in the national musical ethnic group, becoming a passionate and enthusiastic person for thousands of students, opening a clear future direction for them, striving to affirm the strong enduring vitality of the national music. During more than 20 years of teaching, Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong is the one who best understands the ups and downs of the profession, and at the same time has countless concerns about the future development of the zither discipline in particular and the national music in general in the long run.

Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong and his mother and sister, artist Hai Yen, established the Homeland Singing Club in 1981 to help popularize the national music with the public. Besides, she is also very interested in training new kindergartens when she accepts to participate in shows like “Music Prodigies”, etc.

Meritorious Artist Hai Phuong and her orchestra support the repertoire of the program “Music Prodigies” for the purpose of helping children understand more and combine ethnic music with modern musical materials.

Coming to the live show “Xom Nho Tinh Que” of male singer Quang Le taking place on November 30, with her extensive experience, stage skills and talent recognized as one of the three most typical zither artist in Vietnam today, the performance of Artist Hai Phuong will surely satisfy the music-loving listeners at the Corona Phu Quoc Theater.

In addition, in the live show “Xom Nho Tinh Que”, there will be guest appearance Phuong Trinh Jolie, led by MC Phuong Uyen and Music Director Minh Khang, the top names who guarantee a civilized, monumental, and carefully-invested music night in order to bring music lovers the best emotions.

Coming to the stage of the Corona Phu Quoc Theater for the first time, the live show “Xom Nho Tinh Que” of singer Quang Le is expected to become a true music party.

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