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Master Roulette wheel with 3 golden methods


Despite being a game of luck, there are a number of ways in Roulette to help you increase your winning rate when placing a bet. 

Roulette is a game that has been born for a long period, has received many cultures and released many diverse variations. Besides, the game rules are also relatively different. However, in return, this game is still based on some basic platforms to help players win when facing the wheel.

Roulette – the top popular game in casinos worldwide 

In fact, there are many ways to play Roulette and each player will draw some experience for himself/herself after his or her own experience. The following article will introduce 3 frequently-used methods to take advantage of Roulette. The reason is called the “golden method” is because quite a lot of “players” have relied on this way of playing to win their own glory in the game.

1. Deviation method

First of all, it can be said that in Roulette, winning the House is not too difficult, but winning – losing depends a lot on your strategy. The first method that is most likely to help you win the game is the deflection method.

When playing Roulette with open numbers beginning with a diagonal or interrupted in the middle, the player can adopt a three-game betting strategy with diagonal numbers. This strategy will result in a number with a certain winning probability of 60% and moreover there will be a chance of winning continuously for several consecutive games.

A little calculation and agility will give players a great advantage on the Roulette table 

After placing a consecutive bet, the next 1 game will be stopped, then the previous number will reappear in a row. For example: the first one opens the number 35, then 32 and then opens the other number not in the diagonal with the 2 numbers above, the next opens the number 28 or 30 or 40.

2. Continuous winning method thanks to rotational numbering

In this method, the key is that the player needs to know how to divide the table into zones, and each bet is to place for each zone. That is betting with certain sequence on two fixed number zones.

For example: 

  • Game 1: Bet in zones 1, 2.
  • Game 2: Bet in another zone as 1 or 3 (Regardless of game 1’s results)
  • Game 3: Continue betting on zones 2, 3 (Regardless of game 2’s results)
  • Game 4: Return to place in zones 1,2 (Regardless of game 3’s results)

Continue to bet this cycle in a similar way. Such a betting method is called a rotational numbering method.

The rotational numbering method is trusted by many players due to the ability to win is quite high and easy to implement

Another variation is Bet or Twins Method: In each bet, if you win, then you will bet through 3 gates or twins, through 3 gates you can win 2.375. From three gates or more, you will achieve the highest return.

According to the experience of those who are accustomed to roulette, being within 3 gates is ideal due to the small risk and high returns.

Twins can win 1.25 bet codes. The probability of success with this method is quite high, the chance of winning a few pokers is entirely possible.

3. Tidal wave method

This is the most patient method because the player has to spend time observing the wins and figuring out the rules. Players need to observe about 30 games with 30 numbers winning close together, player can start wagering if they find 5 repeated winning numbers. However, the tidal wave method does not always work: If there is no sign after observing over time, this method should not be applied immediately. Thus, players should be cautious.

There are two lines of playing in the tidal wave method:

  • The proportional way: Bet on the last 17 numbers and bet on extra 0.
  • The counter way: Bet on the last 17 numbers and bet on extra 0.

If there appear 4 times in the same group of 12 consecutive numbers or in the same line, then hit 6 even numbers, if the number 12 dragons, but the number is 0, then stop. When the odds between the reverse and the forward line reach a start rate of up to 70%, stop after making a mistake, then 1 game continues, stop after the next game.

The tidal wave method is not always possible, but is also one of the most popular methods 

The symbol that changes from the forward line to the reverse bet line is a dash symbol -, the opposite line changes to the forward line is a symbol 3 plus +++. If there appears +++ – we suspend the bet, if it then out – hit -, if out + then hit +.

When the two lines of forward and reverse bet in a certain time have a certain variation, follow that logic to place your bet. If you are strong, the bet is double, the weak position stops. The reverse bet line when encountering the – + – + is always going backwards without stopping. When changed to – + – + – +, based on the situation, the bet depends on the strength and weakness.

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