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The stage of Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc will once again be set on fire by a party of sound – light – modern technology, promising to deliver the most spectacular and classy concert night.

2020 of many ups and downs is going to pass soon, which give you an opportunity to look back to your journey that has just passed, and a hope for good things in the coming future. It is also the right time to treat yourself a short vacation after many busy days.

Welcoming the first happy hour of a New Year with vibrant melodies in the concert named “Lucky Night” taking place on December 31 at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc will be a perfect experience for you and your closed ones. Beside free entry, the Countdown Party is especially fantastic thanks to the super “awesome” guests, promising to blow audience away.

Mai Tien Dung: Offering the audience experience of all emotions

Mai Tien Dung has made impression on audience by his diversified music style. He can be on fire with dance songs or exciting EDM songs, and then be emotional with ballads or even gentle, romantic boleros.

With his passionate and powerful voice, retro style and elegant appearance, the male singer has brought all types of emotional aftertaste for music lovers.

Having more than 10 years of experience performing on big stages in Vietnam and overseas, Mai Tien Dung is definitely the most anticipated star in the Countdown Party.

Trang Phap: A hot performer with powerful voice

Trang Phap used to be a phenomenon among young people by conquering her audience with her ability to sing and compose in English, French and Vietnamese.

Participating in Lucky Night, this beautiful hot girl promises to blow the audience of Pearl Island away by her spectacular live performance.

OSAD: Rapper of “love songs” with a sunny smile

Becoming a phenomenon on social networks by the hit named “The man from hell” (“Người âm phủ”), OSAD gradually affirms his title as a “Lady killer” of Vietnam’s underground music by a lot of songs including: Sugar baby, Me and you, Waiting missing loving…

Phu Quoc’s audience, let’s look forward to OSAD’s surprising and attractive performances on the upcoming Countdown night!

HOT guests: Yen Tatoo, Pham Viet Thang, DJ Khang Chivas…

A lot of super HOT guests like: Yen Tatoo, Pham Viet Thang, DJ Khang Chivas… and The Sea dance group are also going to partipate in the Countdown Party.

The art director of the event is Musician Minh Khang – who has years of experience working with numerous Vietnamese Grade A stars in world-class live shows and concerts, which ensures that “Lucky Night” Countdown Party will really be a party of light and music.

 “Lucky Night” Countdown Party will take place from 21:30 on December 31. Completely FREE ENTRY.

Please contact hotline: 0297 222 8888 for further information.