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Lam Truong kicks off the new year with the live show “Spring with you” at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc

In harmony with the bustling spring atmosphere everywhere, Corona Theater is pleased to offer music lovers a special spring live show with the special participation of 2 veteran singers: Lam Truong and Thanh Ha.

Lam Truong is well-known as one of the first idol singers, he had a great influence on the development of Vietnam’s youth music since the 90s. In addition to his warm and tender voice, he also has the ability to compose music, the songs composed by him such as: For you for me, Morning dew, Like never been happy…used to be hits in his time.

On February 20, audience of Pearl Island will have the opportunity to reunite with this singer in the live show named “With you in spring”, held at Corona theater belonging to Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, a 5-star resort & entertainment complex. There will be the participation of Thanh Ha – a Vietnamese overseas singer, MK band, Phuong Viet & The Sea dance group, MC Tang Tuyen and Director Minh Khang in this event.

Thanh Ha is another passionate and tender voice famous in both Vietnam and overseas, audience have remembered her through a number of songs: Tell me, Love is as beautiful as a dream, Love is forever green… The co-performance of Lam Truong and Thanh Ha promises to bring a lot of interesting surprises for audience in the first spring night at the beautiful Pearl Island.

Experiencing the sublimation of emotions with the top-notch music supported by an international standard sound and lighting system in the luxurious and classy space of Corona Theater will certainly give music lovers an unforgettable impression.

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