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International flights banned, which are 3 attractive destinations for adventure lovers?

Although Vietnam has controlled well the COVID Pandemic, and the air transportation market has strongly recovered after social distancing, international flights are still extremely restricted. Therefore, domestic tourist attractions have become favorable choices thanks to their inherent beautiful landscape and high safety.  

Let’s check 3 most visited destinations by adventure lovers in the past time.

1 – Da Lat – the Foggy Mountainous City

After cramped social distancing period, airy and cool destinations with comfortable weather are the favorite choices by tourists. Da Lat is a typical example.

If you love old things, nostalgia, and plants, you definitely should not ignore Da Lat. Wake up early, wander alongside roads with full of pine-trees and vague fog, you will feel the poetry of the mountainous city in the sunrise that no other places can have.

Da Lat is the City that you can visit at any season in the year because each season has its respective beauties. Even the rainy reason does not annoy tourists as it rains all of a sudden. Aside from attractive destinations such as Ho Xuan Huong, Con Ga Church, Da Lat station, Datanla waterfall, etc. the mountainous city is also well-known for dream-like coffee houses. Moreover, the cuisine is also outstanding with food such as Hotpot with Ocimum basilicum, grilled rice paper wrappers, wet rice cake with chicken and tripe, shumai bread, etc. which captivates tourists.

2 – Phu Quoc – The heaven island

Phu Quoc is also a favorite destination after social distancing. Tourists traveling to Pearl Island are not only captivated by blue water and cream-like smooth white dunes or wild natural beauties but also experience many attractive entertainment activities.

Golden, sweet and never-ending sunlight in Dai beach, Rach Vem beach, etc. gives tourists a rare peaceful feeling. Visiting the Dinh Cau night market, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, watching the sunset at Truong beach or walking alongside the seaside, etc. are all enjoyable activities that make Phu Quoc become more and more a favorite destination for tourists.

Furthermore, on Pearl Island, tourists now can experience high-quality entertainment businesses. The most outstanding example is classy try-your-luck games at Corona Casino, the first casino that welcomes Vietnamese people to play in the entire country. Its entrance regulations are not very strict, and procedures are quick and simple, which are the positive things for tourists to access closely this form of entertainment.

Additionally, the Phu Quoc Corona resort and entertainment complex also owns the international standard-conforming theater with its capacity of over 600 seats. This is the theater that is chosen by Vietnamese top stars such as Quang Le, Tuan Hung, Le Quyen, Thu Phuong, etc. in showbiz to organize their live shows.

3 – Quy Nhon – The City of Poetry

Quy Nhon is currently one of the most searched destinations recently thanks to its ideal weather and beautiful landscapes. The City owns wild and intact beauties gifted by nature. Coming here, tourists will contemplate and enjoy long beaches with white sand, blue water, and brilliant golden sunlight.

Tourists travel to Quy Nhon mostly because of its beautiful beaches with yellow dunes, cool blue water, and palm hill whistling in the wind, which will not disappoint you. Walking alongside the beach or riding a bike around the fishing village all are excellent ideas when visiting Quy Nhon. Unexploited landscapes and simple yet charming life here are fully capable of conquering any tourists who once set their foot on this land.

Only walking alongside the seaside, you will find what you want from hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, settlement areas of fishermen to markets, supermarkets, and other shopping malls.

Here are 3 appealing tourist attractions that tourists choose to visit the most after social distancing. There are still many other destinations in Vietnam that are waiting to be experienced and discovered by tourists